Mollie and Chris: Ch. 1

Mollie and Chris: Ch. 1

“Are you ok?” Chris asked through the door after knocking loudly. “I heard some screaming right after the power went out.”

Mollie knew the apartment walls were thin; she didn’t know that her neighbor would hear her as she slipped in the shower in the sudden darkness. She answered the door in a towel because there wasn’t enough light to find any clothes on her way out.

“Hi,” Mollie said. She swung the door opened and stepped into the hallway. “It was just me being a little surprised when the power went out, that’s all.” The door closed behind her.

“I’m Chris, I live next door.”

“Hi Chris, I’m Mollie.” She reached her hand out.

“I don’t know about yours, but I thought all of the doors in this building locked automatically when they closed.”

Mollie closed her eyes and bit on her bottom lip. Her hand reached behind her to the doorknob, it didn’t twist with her hand. Her head fell forward.

Mollie whispered “Son of a bitch” under her breath. By the emergency light of the overhead exit signs, she could see the look of pity on Chris’s face.

“I wouldn’t normally ask a girl in a towel into my place, but it seems like you could use a hand.”

A frustrated grunt left Mollie. “I can. I appreciate it if I can make a couple of calls and see if I can get my door opened.” A second passed. “My phone is in there though.” She pointed back to her apartment door.

“I’m sure we can figure something out. The walls are pretty thin, so we can just knock out a wall.”

Mollie looked at Chris, a look of contempt for the idea passed her eyes. She then pointed to his place to push him in that direction.

Chris unlocked and opened his door, letting Mollie pass him as the door opened. Even in the dim light, she could see that he kept a very clean apartment.

“Do you have a cell phone?” Mollie asked.

“Yes, let me unlock it for you,” Chris said as he typed in his pin and handed it over.

“New iPhone, nice,” Mollie slid down the control center and turned on the flashlight. She took a look around the spotless living room and kitchen. The couch was in the middle of the room. There were no dishes on the counters or in the sink. The floor was cleaned and there were 2 pairs of shoes that sat next to the front door, in a shoe rack. “You keep this place very clean.”

“I do my best,” Chris said with a nervous tone.

Mollie used the flashlight and navigated over to sit on the couch. She patted on the cushion for Chris to sit next to her.

“Don’t just stand there, I won’t bite unless…” Mollie let the words trail off.

“Of course, it’s just,” Chris stammered and then sat down next to her. He took a quick look at Mollie’s thighs and was delighted that her towel had spread open a little, her thighs now basking in the light.

“It’s just what?” Mollie asked as she looked at the phone pad and despair spread across her face. “Do you have the super’s number in here?”

“I do.”

Mollie handed Chris the device and he found the super’s contact information, hit dial and gave the device back to her. His eyes trailed the light and he snuck peeks at Mollie in the dim light, his gaze stuck on her thighs each time the light allowed him to enjoy them.

The call went to voicemail and Mollie left a message for the super. She told him who she was and what apartment she lived in, wrapping up with having Chris leave his phone number so that he could get the call back.

The next 5 minutes passed with an obvious nervous tension between them, mostly in silence and small comments about how weird this was.

“Would you like a drink?” Chris finally asked. “I have water, I think a coke, or a beer.”

“I can so fucking use a beer!”

The towel fell to the floor from Mollie’s waist onto the floor. She looked down at the towel, then over at Chris.

“So, I normally just run around my apartment naked. Do you have any issue if I just leave it? That towel sucks and won’t stay on well anyway.”

Chris nodded, the darkness hiding his hot, reddened cheeks.

“Let’s get that beer,” Mollie said as she started walking to the fridge. Chris followed her to the kitchen, enjoying the shake of her ass in the darkness.

Chris held the refrigerator door and Mollie bent over digging through the bottles, picked an Apple Cider, and grabbed one for him. She placed it in his free hand, stepped away from the door, twisted the cap off. The bottle went almost straight up and in just a few gulps, it was empty.

“So, you were a little thirsty?”

“I was, and now I’m not.” Mollie said. “I feel much better. This sounds like my horoscope from this morning is coming true. Something about a surprise and neighbors.”

“Hopefully your horoscope talked good of your neighbor.”

“So far,” Mollie giggled. She saw Chris smile in the faint light. He put his full beer on the counter next to her empty bottle and stepped closer.

“I normally run around the apartment naked myself,” Chris said, “I don’t think I’ve really had clothes on in here in months.”

“And I’m just now finding this out?”

“I couldn’t find a good time to tell you, and it’s not normally my opener. Since my horoscope this morning basically said fortune favors the bold.”

“And what kind of fortune or favor are you looking for?”

“I’d actually like to be comfortable too, because right now I’m feeling a little overdressed.”

Mollie reached over and pulled Chris’s face to hers. “I have an idea for how to make the time go by a little faster. Are you interested?”

Chris nodded.

Mollie gave Chris a kiss on the lips. It was a slow, long kiss.

“That was a good start,” Mollie said. “What else do you have?”

Chris pressed up against Mollie and pushed her against the counter top. Her moan encouraged him to push her harder. She reached down and slid her hands under his shirt and then slipped it up his body.

“Work out much?” Mollie purred the words. She slid her fingertips back down to his chest. She moved them down his stomach, over his muscular abs and then to the belt loops of his jeans.

“Here and there,” Chris groaned softly. He reached down between them and unbuckled his belt, letting his jeans fall off of his hips. Mollie grabbed his cock, already hard and gave it a tight squeeze, she could feel the tip of his head already slicked.

“Someone is all excited. I wonder when this started?”

Chris lifted Mollie onto the counter top and pushed her back so that she was leaning against the wall. He kissed down her chest, he took his time over her tit, sucked her nipple into his mouth and kissed down her stomach. She slipped her fingers into his hair and pushed his head down.

Chris’s lips worked down to Mollie’s belly button; he took his time to kiss from the belly button down to her landing strip.

“Eat my pussy,” Mollie said. “It’s been so long since someone has eaten me out!”

Chris placed his face squarely between her thighs. The heat of her inner thighs warmed him. She raised her left leg and slid it over his shoulder, pressed her body into his face and bucked her hips against his mouth. His tongue licked along her pussy lips. He rocked back and forth, he allowed a moment with each stroke for her clit to slide along the tip of his tongue before the next stroke.

A loud knock on the door interrupted their moment.

“Is Mollie there? I have her spare key and can let her back into her apartment.”

“I’m here, give me a minute.” Mollie pushed Chris’s head into her pussy for a minute, her fingers squeezed tight. She leaned down, a long kiss passed between them. She jumped off the counter and grabbed the t-shirt from the floor and slid into it. “Come over tomorrow night and get your shirt back.”

The door opened and the super smiled. Chris watched the door close behind her and sighed to himself, grabbed his cock and walked into his bedroom to finish his evening.

As always, Marie, thank you for letting me play in your meme with my silly, and hopefully fun fiction. That being said, I love the #WickedWednesday prompt, and when I read a few actual horoscopes and thought about this, a fun story erupted in my mind. This is what made it out.

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9 thoughts on “Mollie and Chris: Ch. 1

  1. O my – this was great! A really fun, frisky read. I was worried that the super would arrive too soon – which of course he did! I hope they will get together often to continue this.

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