Mollie and Chris: Ch. 2

Mollie and Chris: Ch. 2

 Saturday Morning

Chris heard the shower in Mollie’s apartment clunk as the water stopped. His smile grew from ear to ear. He got up, grabbed the towel she had left during the power outage, grabbed his keys, and left the apartment to head next door. He heard his door close with a solid click.

“Thank you apartment gods for putting in self-locking doors,” Chris whispered to himself.

The knock on the door echoed throughout Mollie’s apartment. She looked at her naked body in the mirror, a towel wrapped her hair above her head and thought about the shirt she had borrowed the other day that sat on her couch she would pass to get to the door. 

“One second,” Mollie said as she approached the door, she slid the shirt on. She made a couple last-minute adjustments, verified her nipples did not show through the now slightly dampened shirt and then put her hand on the doorknob. She glanced at her keys as she pulled the door open.

“Don’t let it shut,” Chris said with a huge smile.

Mollie laughed.

“I didn’t think you’d ever come by again,” Mollie said. “Though you seem to have a timing for when I’m in the shower.”

“Completely coincidental, I assure you.” After a second Chris added. “I see my shirt is still getting good use, but I wanted to give you back your towel and see if you had any plans for tonight.”

Mollie smiled at Chris. She bit her bottom lip and then nodded.

“I have some plans, and it might be kind of weird, but I’m going to a wedding tonight. My plus 1 cancelled on me. If it wouldn’t be too weird, would you like to come along?”

“It’s kind of short notice.” Chris stammered.

“It is, but I promise it will be a lot of fun.”

Chris thought in the doorway.

“I’ll let you finish what you started the other night.” Mollie’s words barely finished leaving her lips before Chris had nodded his desire to go. “Well, that was easy. Come back here and pick me up at 5.”

The door closed.

The Pick Up

Chris knocked on Mollie’s door for the third time. Mollie opened the door and smiled at him. He looked at her with a bit of a surprise.

“You told me 5, right?” Chris puzzled.

“I did, I’ll be ready to leave in like 5 minutes, but I guess I didn’t tell you the dress code for the ceremony tonight.”

“Given that you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I feel a little overdressed.”

“Well, so far you seem like you are game for just about anything,” Mollie giggled. “When I tell you this, you might think it’s a bit… well, crazy.”

“Ummmm, I’ve always been up for living life.”

“What if I said, just say yes to whatever I tell you next?”

“Sounds like I could get myself into a lot of trouble, but yes.”

“My friends, Arlo and Jen, have always wanted to get married in a less traditional manner. They have invited a tiny subsection of friends to the wedding that they knew would be open to having the ceremony, and the reception, as a…” Mollie trailed off. Chris stared at her for a full minute.

“They want to be naked, and they want all the guests to be naked.”

A second long pause occurred between them, each waited for the other to say something. Chris looked at his date and thought about how she had looked naked the other night.

“I don’t normally get to see the bride naked on her wedding night.”

“I understand if you don’t want to go,” Mollie said apologetically. “I figured after the other day, you might be game for something like this.”

“Will we be putting on body paint and dancing around a tree?”

“We only do that for burning virgins,” Mollie laughed. “Just think, you’ll get to see me naked again. A few friends will also be there.”

Chris chuckled and nodded. 

“I’m in. Let me run back over and put on some jeans and a shirt easy to take off.”

“Sounds great.”

Chris ran back to his apartment and change. Five minutes later he knocked on Mollie’s door one more time and she opened it and let him in. She had slid his borrowed shirt back on.

“Figured this might make things more comfortable for you,” Mollie said through her grin.

The Church Steps

The guests gathered around the church courtyard. Chris looked a little uncomfortable as they walked onto the front steps. He looked around and smiled at the various states of dress that everyone had showed up in. Some people had dressed in jeans and polo shirts, others wore just sweat pants and a light t-shirt.

“Who’s the good-looking guy?” Arlo asked Mollie. He gestured his hand toward Chris.

“Arlo, his name is too long to pronounce, but I’ve been calling him Chris,” Mollie said through a laugh. “He’s my neighbor, and we met during the power outage the other night.” She turned to face Chris, “and Chris, this is Arlo, I’ve known him since we were little kids.”

“Arlo,” Chris said with a smile. “So you are the groom. Congratulations.”

“Thank you. I hope you enjoy the ceremony, it should be fun.”

Chris reached up and touched the bow tie, “So, is this just for tradition then?”

“You have to have some traditions, even if everything else isn’t traditional.”

The next few minutes, Mollie introduced Chris to several of her friends. There were many that had commented on his looks to her, and a few who made sure that he knew what he was in store for this evening.

“Mollie is wild, I hope you are ready for a crazy ride,” was a common theme of her closest friends. Each time Chris smiled.

“I hope I’m ready too, but these warnings make me wonder,” had become his response by the time the ceremony was ready to start.

“All right everyone,” Arlo said loudly as he stepped back outside. “Please come in and share our special day.” 

As each person entered the door, they stripped off their clothing. They threw it into purses; they threw it into a bag Arlo would hand them if they needed. Chris looked and Mollie, as she tapped her purse and they stripped, folding the clothes up neatly, and placed them into her purse.

“I hope it’s not too awkward,” Chris said as he took his clothes off in front of her for the second time. “I mean, all of your friends will drool over me.” His wink and smile made her laugh, and the couple next to them who had overheard laughed.

“Since my nipples are already hard, I hope it’s not too cold for you.”

As Mollie’s shirt came off, Chris noticed how hard her nipples were and his cheeks went crimson, filled with embarrassment.

“Not my normal first date for sure.”

The Usher came by to show them to their seats. Chris noticed that he packed a huge cock that hung almost down to his knees and was as thick as a tree trunk. He didn’t hear the question asked, but Mollie started to follow, and Chris followed her.

The last of the guests sat down at 5:45 and music started to play.

The #WickedWednesday prompt got me a little excited as I saw the first date for Mollie and Chris being a wedding they could attend. I’m truly falling in love with these two and can see them being a big part of future writing.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

Image by Trang Le from Pixabay

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