A Good Morning Shower

A Good Morning Shower

This is a continuation of The Mirror

“I’m in the shower,” I hear you say as I walk back into our bedroom. Of course I already knew this, I watched you hop in. “You’re just in time if you would like to join, we can save some water.

Like any good boy, I don’t have to be told twice, I finished dropping my pants on the floor and threw my shirt on top of them. As I walked into the bathroom, I bent over to take each sock off and threw them on top of the now growing pile of clothes on the bedroom floor, I’m sure I’ll get punished for that later. Truth of the matter is, I hope I get punished for that later.

“I’m coming in,” I tell her as I open the shower curtain.

“You sure do get here way too often as I am ready to hop into the shower,” you say, smiling at me. Obvious that the cold air from outside the shower is now hitting your reddening skin. “It’s like you have an alarm set for when I turn the water on.”

“You know I’m watching you.” I say. “I love your post workout routine.”

“So, you caught my little show today then?” you ask with a big smile on your face. “I’m so happy you put that little room behind the mirror, we won’t even discuss what I saw you doing the other day.”

“I can only imagine,” I quip.

As you grab your shampoo, you turn so that you are now facing me and your hand open to put the shampoo in. Looking down, you notice how ready I am for you, my manhood facing you. Your smile, now more of a grin.

“Wait til we’re done baby, maybe then, maybe not.”

I grab your body wash and loofah, rinsing the loofah before spreading the cucumber scented body wash all over it. As you raise your hands with shampoo to start washing your long, beautiful red hair, I start running the loofah up and down your stomach, slowly. When you give me that look, I start to rub down your sides with soap, lathering up first your left side, then moving over to your right. Hard to believe how many times we’ve done this, hard to believe I still love doing this.

We switch positions in the shower, letting you get away from the water so that I can spread the soap more evenly around your and you can let you hair soak in the suds for a few minutes without rinsing it out. As we slide by, I feel the heat from your skin against mine, the slickness of the soap giving us a little lubrication to easily pass in the small space. As the hot water begins to wash over my skin, the heat feels good and my fingers now slippery and covered in soap, start to wander over your flesh.

You turn to face the back of the shower, and of course I know this means you want me to wash your neck and back, so I start at the top of your back, rubbing the loofah along the top of your neck bone, right below your hair, allowing you to lean forward a little and place your elbows against the shower wall. I slide the loofah along your shoulders, then along your arms to your elbow. I push you further into the wall, and you place your head against the shower wall and let your arms fall to your sides. I keep soaping your arms up, getting them nice and slick and when I finish, you lift them so that I can finish soaping your underarms, and then the rest of your back, working slowly down from the top to the bottom, taking, as I always do, a few extra minutes to soap up the angel sitting on top of your ass. What can I say, I love to take care of her.

With your back now soaped and clean, I grab you and spin you to face me. I give you a quick, hard kiss. I suck your bottom lip between my lips, giving you a little nibble in the process. I slide the loofah now up to your neck and while kissing you, start soaping up under your chin. As I pull back a little, I slide the loofah around your chest, making sure to clean every inch of it, focusing from time to time on each of your nipples. Using the loofah to lift and clean under each tit, feeling their weight through it.

Satisfied that I have cleaned and brushed every inch to my satisfaction, I move on, sliding the loofah down your stomach, letting it slide down the central channel until I find that sexy little landing strip that you keep for me. Once reaching my destination, I move my hand over and start to soap each of your hips, paying special attention to the tops and bottoms of the bones themselves, rubbing the loofah slowly over each one. I push the loofah into you, pressing you into the shower wall.

Sliding my free hand down your thigh, I reach behind you and pull it to me, effectively lifting your leg off the floor of the shower and giving me the opportunity to spread the loofah out and rub your thigh, slowly, with it. Thinking about how you took care of yourself while I watched earlier, I can’t help but to think about all of the things I want to do now. Finishing with your first leg, I perform the same action to your other leg.

“Why are you smiling so much,” you ask me, with a huge wicked grin on your face as well.

“I know what comes next,” as the smile turns to a smirk.

“Do you now?”

“I do and we are both going to enjoy it”.

I set the loofah down, soaping both of my hands thoroughly, and place them both right at the joint of your hips and thighs. I let the palm of my hands touch as much skin as possible, being deliberate to cover as much skin as I possibly can. Resting my palm over your womanhood, I slide it slowly back the depth of your body and up under your ass, letting my fingers slide up into the crack behind you. Letting my thumb trail behind, I can feel how swollen your clit and lips are and I feel as you grind a little down onto my fingers.

I slide my hand slowly between your legs, touching lightly, just barely allowing you to feel my skin, keeping my fingers gliding slow and gentle into you. You spread your legs a little, just slight enough to allow my thumb clearance against your thigh, my pinky touching the other thigh. You purse your lips, the corners of your mouth widening as we work into each other’s bodies. I bend in and kiss you. As I back away, your hungry lips follow me, continuing to kiss me as I back away. Your eyes closed you still stop leaning forward as a low moan escapes your lips.

You grab my now fully erect cock, a happy handful for you. Your squeeze making me now ready to explode all over you.

“If you do that again,” I whisper, “you’ll cause a small mess all over the shower floor.”

You look at me, then down, then back at me. It crosses my mind that you are about to give it a hard squeeze, just to see if I’m telling the truth. You bite your lower lip and look down again. You grab my balls, cupping and squeezing them in your hand.

“Turn around,” you command. I obey. Quickly you push me into the wall of the shower, under the shower head, letting the water flow over my back and now down your sexy skin once again.

Your hand slaps my ass. The wet slap causing a splash as the skin under your hand makes a huge clapping sound. Reaching under my body, I feel your hand cup my balls again.

“Now I know what’s going to happen,” you smirk.

You pull your hand back, pulling my balls behind me. As you let go, I feel your finger take a long stroke up the crack of my ass, from the bottom to the top. Slowly, you slide that middle finger back down the crack of my ass and as you approach my tight little asshole, your finger curves and starts to circle around it. I enjoy it. You circle it, like I circled your clit. Pressing into the middle of it, but not entering it, I bend over a little to allow you better access. Knowing the places where this could go makes it that much better for me, waiting for your entry, makes it hotter under the hot water.

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