The Time Cube

The Time Cube

Another Wicked Wednesday came around, the prompt below made me really think, and maybe I went pretty literally this time. This also gave me some new, fun, cool thoughts that I will use in some other writings. Have a great week.

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind…

Write a story about time… capture time… hold it, experience it, taste it. Share your stories or experiences for this week’s prompt.

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The cube tumbled onto the floor as I opened the gift. It was a crystal cube, 6 sides, and each one I looked through showed me the light being refracted as I sat in front of everyone opening it. I opened the card that was sitting on top of it, and the card simply read, Happy 18th, from me.

“Thank you,” I said to the room, in case the person was still here that gave it to me, but I didn’t recognize the handwriting. My birthday party continued, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful crystal cube.

When the party ended, I pulled the cube back out. It was large, about 9 inches in each dimension, there wasn’t much special about it, and at a glance, you could see right through it, the light bouncing into multiple colors through the prism. As I held it up to the light in the living room, I saw something inside it move. I leaned forward, and looked deeper.

I was now looking through my own eyes, down the aisle of the church; down the length of the pews, to a very handsome man standing in a black tuxedo, and smiling upon seeing me. Everyone in the pews were standing, and staring at me. I saw my father’s arm, wrapped around mine, his hair much more grey than I remember it being. A caption appeared above his head, reading Year: 2023. I then saw a small caption of everyone’s names over their heads, Steve, was over my soon to be husband. A man that I don’t believe I know now.

I leaned forward, tilting the cube, and suddenly the ceremony went really quickly, followed by the reception. I leaned the cube back, and went back into standard time; when I leaned the cube back a little more I saw things going in slow motion. I watched my first dance with my husband at about half speed the entire way.

Steve and I went to our room. I watched him slowly take my dress off of me, how he kissed my neck as he unzipped the dress. He grabbed the dress as it started to fall off my shoulders and lowered it gently. He tried not to let it wrinkle as it fell to the floor. I stood there, wearing a white bra, and a white pair of panties, at least they were bikini cut, and lacy. He showed how much he loved me as I watched. I could feel each kiss, each touch, and as the night went on, I could feel how hard his cock was deep inside me.

I closed my eyes, thinking about my wedding, and how loved I felt. I sighed, and smiled, happy at the thoughts that this could be my future. I could feel the tears swelling and streaming out of my closed eye lids. I could feel my smile, at my happiness.

I picked up the cube and stared back into it. I leaned the cube forward, watching time pass in fast motion. I watched anniversaries, birthdays, our bodies change, our family grow as we had a pair of children. We bought and sold houses, and cars, we had careers.

As the cube’s time caption went to 2043, I saw our 20th anniversary party and smiled at those I recognized were still there. I saw our children, approaching adulthood, and felt my husband’s love. As time rolled on through that timeline, I saw that I met a man at the office, and he and I flirted, and talked, and spent time together every day. I even watched as one evening he and I met up after work for a drink, Steve was out of town, so no one would miss me not being home until late. This man and I had a couple of drinks, and then went back to his apartment, where I watched him go down on me, and I could tell that it was the best pussy eating I had ever had, and the first time in years someone had their tongue buried into me.

I put the cube down for a minute, and cried. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing myself cheat on someone who I could tell his love for me. These tears were not of joy, even though I saw myself, 25 years older, being so happy. I wanted to throw that stupid cube across the room and break it.

I opened my eyes again, and looking back into the cube I forwarded it, seeing myself with both my husband, and this other man for years, falling in love with both, and needing to love both. I could see how happy I was.

I looked through the cube again, and now saw myself loving both of these men, my husband, and my lover. The caption, 2048 showed up over Steve’s head. We sat and I told him about the man I had fallen in love with. We talked, we cried. I slowed time down by rocking the cube backward so that I could watch every word. We talked about our love, and over the course of hours, we worked out that he knew some of the details, and he wanted my happiness and knew how happy I was the past few years. As I sped time up, I saw the two of them meet, and then my lover moved in with us later in 2048. The three of us shared a bed every night.

The tears I had now were tears of joy. I put the cube down for a moment, and then picked it back up. I saw 2068 appear as the caption, telling me the year, I saw my husband, my lover, and I with the cube I now have in my hand. The three of us smiling, as I wrapped the cube, and then put a card on it that said Happy Birthday, from me. I then handed the cube, and another slip of paper to someone. The caption then read 2018, and I saw myself open the paper containing the cube.

The cube disappeared from my fingers, into thin air. I have a wonderful life to look forward to now, one day at a time.

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