The Mirror

The Mirror

The alarm on my phone rings to let me know it’s 6:55 in the morning and I know exactly what that means, you’ve just finished your workout and are getting ready to take your morning shower. I slide into the little closet next to your bathroom, making sure that the room behind me is completely dark so that I can see you without you seeing me. Within minutes, like every day, you walk in, bouncing, with little beads of sweat on your forehead and chest, your tank top soaked in your sweat. Your shorts being stripped off as you walk into the bathroom. You look into the mirror, looking me directly in the eyes, if you knew I was there.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest bitch of them all?” you ask, a quick giggle passes your lips as you look into the mirror.

This little habit of yours makes me smile every morning. The sultry voice you try to slip into, a little deeper than your standard voice, a little slower pace than you normally speak, makes me grin as I know you are realizing how it would sound to anyone else. You stand on your tip toes as you finish asking, examining your body. Your skin glistening, turning your arms over, looking at the various muscles and how they look with shine of the sweat.

From my current position, I can see the tops of your thighs over the top of the vanity. The faucet for the sink, right in the middle of your body, giving the view that you are straddling the silver device, giving me many more dirty thoughts. Seeing the muscles on each side showing through your fair complexion, nice and tight, the seams on the legs of your panties, a pair of black bikinis with white polka dots, tight around each leg.

The stretching of the cotton panties across your pelvis turns me on, just seeing how they have a slight opening across the width of your waist as they sit just a little off your skin from hip bone to hip bone. Those lovely hip bones, that stick out slightly, to be used as handle bars on another day. Wearing the panties that you have on now, low enough cut that the bones of the hips rise above the tops of the panties, making me want to spend some time just tracing them from top to bottom and back. Thinking about your sweet pussy mound, how it produces a small bulge right there, how the faucet is now a silver plated landing strip on it, exactly as I believe I will see when you strip the panties from your body.

Working my eyes up your body as your fingertips reach down and grab both sides of your shirt and quickly strip it from your body. Your abs stretching as the blue tank gets removed, I can see the definition and your work outs are definitely producing results.

As I work my way up your body, shirtless, I see your sexy stomach, a line on each side of your abs showing off where the muscles underneath are. As I look from side to side, I see little ripples as you move and stretch, the six pack underneath tightening and flexing, what a wonderful show.

You reach up, crossing your arms and pulling off the sports bra. I watch as your breasts come sliding out from underneath it, a little at a time at first, the underside of each tit until the bottom slides up over your nipples and then it quickly slides up the rest of your body and over your head. You throw it against the wall and laugh as you watch it hit the wall and then fall to the floor. I smile and try to keep my presence unknown, fighting off a laugh. I smile as your tits are now in view, each one easily would take both of my hands to cup and would still fill them completely. Your areolas, large and pink, are perfectly placed on each side, with a large, thick nipple on each. I crave to touch, to reach out and give each nipple a small pinch.

I feel a stirring from my jeans and reach down, touching myself and the bulge that is starting. I can feel my happy erection starting and slide my finger back and forth a little, letting it happen, sliding my thumb inside the tops of my jeans. The anticipation I have, knowing you, knowing your routine and what comes next causing me a large smile and a lot of happiness.

You give each nipple a pinch, watching them perk up a little a little as you do. I can see them widen and harden a bit, in a moment, with a little caressing from your fingertips, both nipples point straight into the mirror. I can tell this makes you happy as you smile and you give your bottom lip a small bite. I watch as you continue to work your nipples, barely running your fingers over them, pressing your hips now into the counter top of the vanity, the height perfect for pushing your panty clad mound onto the counter top.

I slowly unbuckle my jeans and slide a finger inside my zipper to work it down slowly, trying to keep the sound muffled by the zipper itself.

“Hmmm,” you moan softly into the air. You press yourself harder into the counter top and slide one hand down your stomach, slowly, letting your fingertips leave a little scratch on the skin. You watch your right hand slide down, in the grooves of the muscles, your lips parting slightly as you exhale. Your left hand now giving a hard pinch on your nipple. “Fuck.” You close your eyes and just stand there for a moment.

I stand there continuing to watch, my eyes now wide open, trying to focus on both of your hands and what they are doing, while opening my jeans wider and allowing them to fall down around my knees. My tight green boxer briefs now barely containing my happiness at the scene in front of me. I look at you in amazement as I try to figure out what you are thinking and how you’d feel if you knew I was here right now.

Your right hand slips down below the top of the counter as you slide back a little I see you slowly trailing your fingers along the inside of your right thigh and you push away a little, placing your left hand down on the counter, spreading your legs. I can see right down between your girls and watch the back of your hand and as you stroke your inner thigh a little, occasionally seeing your forearm flex as you finish a stroke and start a new one.

I give my manhood a firm grip.

Closing your eyes, I see your finger now run up the side of your panty, grazing the skin along the inseam, your nail just gliding over it. Your index finger, sliding along on the cotton, next to it. I watch as you do this a couple more times, slowly, intentionally. Your tongue slides out and licks your lips with each pass, going slowly from left to right, taking several seconds.

You stand up straight and open your eyes. You glance over your shoulder, as if you expected someone to be there. The muscles in your neck flex as you do, such a kissable patch of skin, so delicious to look at, so delicious to kiss and suck on.

You look down in the mirror, stepping back a little. You turn and sit down on the counter, leaning back so that your head and neck are against the mirror. I look over your shoulder and watch as you start rubbing your left hand along your thigh, your right hand now working against the cotton across your hips. Slowly rubbing each inch of fabric with long, slow movements, pressing down into your body.

I watch tirelessly as you stroke yourself through your panties. My cock now pulled out over the top of my boxers, giving it long slow strokes quietly, tickling my head a little to keep things fun and exciting.

Seeing your white fingers over the top of the black panties, I watch as your nicely manicured fingernails work up and down the length of your pussy lips. Your fingers curling underneath as you push into your lips, long slow strokes. I watch as you pull your hand up and push your fingers into your clit, hard. I watch you rub her in a circular motion, and just picturing how she is moving around beneath that black cotton.

“Fuck” you moan. I see your hips now starting to buck a little. Your finger moves in a faster circle. “Fuck, I need to cum already.”

This causes a throb in my cock, I feel my heart beating as I grip it tighter. How I want to tell you I’m here and just slide those panties over and take care of you. I give myself a long slow stroke to try to ease my anticipation a little, but it’s of little use.

Your hips now grinding on the counter, your panties getting tighter and looser as you slide back and forth, your fingers working your clit in fast tight circles now. I can see that you are now biting your lip hard as you move your head completely over to the side, your face now flat against the mirror. Your cheek pressing against the glass, your mouth opens and you start to pant with each exhale. I can see how close you are, I recognize that face you are making as you get close and I only wish I could reach out right now and give you that long deep kiss you want and that I need.

“Oh my god,” you scream into the room. You slide down the mirror and give your clit a few more circles, I can see your hips lifting up off the counter, each time making you slide a little more toward the floor. Your feet hit the floor, your ass now no longer on top of the counter, I watch as you try to regain your composure.

“Alright, chore number 1 for the day is done,” you say breathlessly and you slide your panties off and let them fall on the floor. The landing strip that I so enjoy coming into full view, your sexy body always arousing me.

I hear the water start to run and when you hop into the shower, pull the shower curtain, I step out of the little closet into our bedroom and announce “Honey, I’m home, where are you?”

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