A Friend’s Girlfriend

[This was a long message I sent to a friend’s gf when she sent me a couple of pics to write a story for her to, I thought it was good, so I decided to share]

I walk up behind you in the bathroom, right after you finish taking the picture of yourself facing the mirror. I see your grin grow in the mirror, and I place my hands on your hips, pulling you into me from behind. Your red body suit looks fantastic against my black boxer briefs.

I whisper in your ear, “You should send that picture to your boyfriend, and then he can have a before and after picture. I bet he’d hurry home from work then.”

You lean your head back, your hair tickling my chest a little as it falls. I lean in for a long kiss, and my knees give a little to make me push you into the counter, my hard, cloth covered bulge pressing into your back, along the middle of your panty line. I grip your hips tighter as we start to part with you falling faster than I am. You raise your arm and place your hand on the mirror to keep yourself stable.

I kiss down your back, slowly pressing my lips for long, slow, meaningful contact with your pale skin. I look at your eyes, closing for long periods of time, and your mouth open in a low and slow moan. You raise your second hand up to the mirror, and I push you harder into the counter top, I can see where your legs are being indented in the mirror, and I push again. I lean down more and kiss below the bra line of your body suit, pulling my body off yours, but slowly. Your hair falls over your shoulders, hovering over the sink, with a long, dark lock running down your back.

I slide my hands around your hips and let it slide between your thighs, spreading your legs a few inches, just wide enough to slide my palm under you, giving your little pussy a flat palm through them. The heat and wetness so obvious to me on my palm and fingers. I push through and slide my fingers up over your mound, until I reach the bow in the front.

“It’s Christmas, I had to wrap her up for you,” said low and slow between moans. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be unwrapped so badly before.”

“Are you anxious for your Christmas package baby?” I do a quick flick of my wrist to give your pussy a small slap with the flat of my palm, and watch your eyes open wide, you jump a little, and you quickly spread your legs just a little farther.

I run my lips onto your panties, and let my tongue play along the top seam, letting you feel the heat of my tongue on your skin, and then the roughness of your panties as my tongue slides over onto the cloth. As I kiss down your left cheek, occasionally slowly licking you, you feel the heat through the lace, and I can almost feel your smile from where I am.

I let the tips of my fingers work their way down your thighs, my fingernails barely scraping against your skin, slightly more than a tickle, slightly less than a scratch. I rest my head on your ass for a minute, and just watch you in the mirror as my fingers slowly work from your panty line, down your left leg, all the way to your ankle, over the course of many seconds, not long enough, but so long and slow that I can see the look in your eyes as I approach finishing.

Suddenly your phone rings. I look over and see Kris come up on your phone and giggle to myself a little. “You should answer that, let’s see how focused you can stay. In fact, put it on speaker.”

You comply, and answer with “Hi babe”. I take a small bite on your cheek.

“Those pictures you sent are so hot, is Marshal on his way over?”

“He’s …” you trail off as I slide my fingernails down your inner thigh on the right side.

“Here already.”

“Oh! Does he like the body suit?”

“It’s like Christmas in here.” I say. “She even has bows for me.”

As Kris says something, it is completely lost as I bite your ass cheek a little harder, your body slamming itself forward, your hand keeping your from hitting your head on the mirror.

“Fuck,” you exclaim. “Gotta … go … Kris … We’ll see you soon.”

“Hmmmm, see you two soon,” comes out of the speaker.

“Did you like that?” I ask, the smirk obvious on my face as the words leave.

“Fuck! Yes!”

I lick along the seam on the back of the panties, letting you once again feel the heat and wetness along your cheek where the panties don’t cover your pretty ass, and then the roughness of my tongue sliding over the lace.

I turn you around to face me, and let your ass rest on the sink. I stand up in front of you, and you can feel my bulge now pressing hard to get out. You push me back a little so that you can take a look down and see my package and just how stressed my underwear are at everything going on. I take a moment to look you over, enjoying every inch of your outfit and enjoying how red makes you look so sexy. You reach down and slide your hand over my cock, giving me a long, slow rub through my underwear.

“Hmmm, that cock feels rock hard, like he is ready for something hot, wet, and hungry.”

You spread your legs around my waist and pull me into you, my cock pressing up agaisnt your covered lips. “Do you like your present? Would you like to” and you suddenly push my head down into your breasts, letting my beard and chin be tickled by the fur lining, but pushing my eyes and face down into your cleavage. I gasp, and that quickly turns into a moan, and as you press me in harder, I regain my composure and push you back, sucking and kissing everything my lips can attach themselves to. I reach up and pull down the front of the bra, so that I can kiss down and finally suck your nipples in, feeling how hard they are getting with each time my lips pass over them. Your moans are slow, and getting louder. Your breath heavy and both of us panting a little.

“OMG, I think I’m going to cum,” exits the speaker of the phone. “Please don’t turn the phone off now.”

We both smile and go back to focusing on each other, I feel your fingers scrape into my back, and it pushes my chest into your stomach, pressing hard as the pain shoots through me.

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