About the Author

First, and foremost, thank you for reading what I write, I appreciate it so much that I will never be able to express my feelings.

The writing bug hit me as a small child, in a little town east of Cincinnati, OH, it was the first thing that allowed me to travel to distant places (towns, countries, worlds) and have experiences that, in some cases, would never be possible. As a teenager, I found that I really enjoyed writing erotica, to express my desires, my passions, and be able to play them off as fantasy at times to the people I have been interested in. As a spoiler warning, it has worked at least once.

As a *cough* 42 year old adult, writing now becomes a fun passion, I try to publish a new post every week, between all of the other craziness that we have in life. I look forward to sharing more of myself, and more of my fantasy world, and maybe even some of my auto-biografictional life from time to time, though I’ll probably never say that that is the case.

If you read something you like here, feel free to hit like, leave a comment, follow me on twitter (@mynaughtyideas) and let’s have a conversation about what you like, and where things could potentially go.

Thank you for reading this.