Deadly Cupid

Deadly Cupid

Marshal let loose the arrow he had nocked in the bow. It buzzed past Heather, the sound any speeding object makes as it moves by you; followed by a thump as it placed itself into the mud a foot from her feet. She looked up at her husband, standing on the roof of the garage, the sun behind him, forcing her to squint to block out the glare. He looked down at her and pulled another arrow out of the quiver strapped to his back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Heather screamed at Marshal. He lowered the bow, leveling it at her again.

“Showing you my love,” Marshal said in a monotone voice. “Don’t you know I’m Cupid?” He loosed the arrow, and it slipped between her legs, planting itself in the ground. He laughed. “Made it through the five hole.”

Heather moved, she ducked behind her SUV and tried to make sure it was between her and Marshal. His shadow paced the driveway as he paced across the roof looking for an angle to shoot at her again. An arrow flew above her head and skipped off the apron of the driveway. She stood up and looked above the SUV.

“You need to…” Heather trailed off as the arrow plant itself into her chest.

Heather gave a huge smile; she looked up at Marshal with her eyes wide open. He looked back down at her and jumped from the roof. The shaft of the arrow dissolved as she touched it. She felt no pain; her heart melted for her man as it had so many years ago.

Heather woke up from her dream; she walked outside to see Marshal working on the shingles on the garage. He stood up, giving her a pose as if he were shooting an arrow at her. She blew him a kiss.

“I love you,” Heather said. “Thank you for being my Cupid.”

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Photo by Lascivious Lucy

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