Nadine: ch. 4

Nadine: ch. 4

Turn Around

Mick watched for a few seconds, then realized that Nadine had forgotten he was there. He stepped into the sliding door from the balcony.

“Fortune favors the bold,” Mick said to himself as he quickly, quietly walked through the house to the bedroom door, still slightly open. He gave it a little push and saw that Nadine danced, her eyes closed. He watched as she turned back to the window. She stopped her dance as she realized that Mick was no longer on the deck. He opened the door and walked to her. She turned into his arms.

The kiss lasted through the end of the song; she blushed at his presence in her room, but she did not push back from him this time. She rested her head on his shoulder.

“Is this ok?” Mick asked. Nadine nodded, she wrapped her arms around him.

“Finish what you started earlier,” Nadine whispered to him. “I want to feel more of that.”

Mick kissed on Nadine’s neck again, nudging his nose against her earlobe and pressing his lips harder against her skin. She leaned her head back, her neck became more exposed. He sucked the delicate skin of her neck; she closed her eyes. She felt the warmth of his chest against hers, the muscles in his arms as they moved her to the places he wanted her. 

Mick raised his hand up and placed it in Nadine’s hair, he pulled her head back and to the left. He bent down, kissed her clavicle and worked his lips down her shoulder, along her arm. He released her hair. Her head sprang forward, mouth agape.

“Fuck,” Nadine whispered over the top of Mick’s head. “Don’t stop.” She took her hands and placed them on each side of Mick’s ears. She twisted him so that his mouth was now back on her neckline and pushed his head down toward her cleavage. He dutifully kissed each inch of skin, feeling the warmth, the softness that his lips rubbed against. She moaned. 

Mick lasted for a few minutes, then moved his way down to her nipples. As he did, he pushed her against the window. She shuddered at the initial touch, the chill that went up her back. 

“Must have been cold,” Mick said, the words spilling onto Nadine’s cleavage. “I can feel the goosebumps.”

“No,” Nadine let loose, a deep heavy breath that barely carried the word. “Not that.”

Mick sucked her nipple into his mouth; he felt how hard it had become from being exposed to the cool air in the room. He slipped his tongue over the tip of the nipple, sucked a little harder. Nadine squirmed. He let his fingers slip down to her hips; he felt her panties slip under his fingertips, allowing the lacy edge to vibrate his finger between skin and cloth. He kissed under her tit; he pushed it so he could have more of the delicate skin exposed.

Nadine pushed Mick’s head down a little more; she moved him to her stomach. She grabbed his hand and slid it from her panties and moved it down the middle, slowly along the front, until she had him cover her pussy with his palm.

“I’m so fucking wet,” Nadine said loudly. “I need this so bad.”

Mick slipped his hand back and forth. He felt Nadine’s lips pressing against the gusset; he felt her clit with each stroke of his hand along her mound. She moaned loudly as his palm worked back and forth. He continued to trail down her stomach until his mouth reached the edge of her panties. He grabbed them with his teeth and gave them a pull. She grabbed the panties and flung them down to her ankles; she grabbed his head and stuck his mouth against her clit. He moved his hand a little to let her push her panties down; he moved his hand back and felt how slick and wet she was.

Nadine stuck her pussy out as far in front of her as she could. She tried to fuck Mick’s mouth. She stretched her legs as far apart as they would go, frustrated she finally picked a foot up and slipped it out of the panties that kept her ankles shackled. He buried his face into her pussy; he licked her clit, his fingers found their way into her. He could feel her starting to drop as his tongue darted in and out each of the folds. He could feel her juices as they dripped from his fingers. 

Nadine pushed her head back against the window. Her body forced from the window, only the top of her head touched. She arched her back a little more with each moment that passed. She wrapped Mick with more of her legs.

“Fuck,” Nadine said loudly. “This is…” She trailed off. Mick slipped his fingers a little deeper. As he stroked her g-spot, she pulled his hair harder.

Nadine bucked her body into Mick’s face. Her screams told him everything that he needed to know about how her enjoyment and as she screamed her final moment of orgasm, she pushed him away. She slid down the window to sit on the floor; she sat with her eyes closed, a huge smile crossed her face. Her chest moved with each breath that she took. He watched her spend a minute with her eyes closed tightly until she finally began to catch her breath. 

“Well,” Nadine finally said. “That was fun. We should have more dinner parties like that.”

“Ha!” Mick exclaimed. “What is Aiden going to say?”

“He will be good with it.”

“So, you think he will be fine with his wife and his friend doing all of this?” Mick said in disbelief.

“You may not believe this,” Nadine said with a blush. “He had bet me earlier tonight that I wouldn’t be able to get you to make me cum.”


“He and I are a little freaky sometimes,” Nadine said. “We’ve been swinging for years, and it’s always a lot of fun when we do.” 

“I don’t even know what to say,” Mick said, mouth barely able to squeeze the words out.

“Think of it like a hall pass,” Nadine said. “We both can sleep, or whatever, with anyone we want. The last time you were here, I told him I wanted you. So, before you go here tonight, he said he would go to the office for a few hours after dinner and to have fun.”

“That’s, amazing.”

“And he even bet me you wouldn’t be into it.”

“It sounds like you won.”

“In so many ways,” Nadine smiled at Mick. Her left eye gave him a wink, and she bent down and slid the panties off of her other leg.

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