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The Root Deepens

Chapter 1 - Planting a Seed Chapter 2 - The First Sprout Mac’s apartment was a mess. In the place where a TV would normally be on the wall, he had put up 4 monitors instead.  They were in a nice two by two arrangement, his desk pressed up against the wall underneath. On the … Continue reading The Root Deepens

The First Sprout

Chapter 1 - Planting a Seed Jen watched as Mac walked through the front door of the coffee shop. He stood out, but not necessarily in a good way. Your average guy comes into the shop in nice jeans, t-shirts and well taken care of gym shoes, or they show up dressed in work attire … Continue reading The First Sprout

Planting a Seed

Mac leaned back from his laptop for a moment, the grin on his face widening as he watched the graphs and charts expand on the screen in front of him. The green and red pie chart indicated that there were now 12 devices reporting data to his command server.  To the right of that was … Continue reading Planting a Seed