The Vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden

Marshal stood at the door, a huge smile on his face. He could see Leigh on her knees in the backyard through the living room window, over the top of the huge, leather couch, and over the top of the dining room table. His view was clear, she was outside gardening, but his mind was always wondering what she was really doing when she said she was playing with her vegetables. Logically, he concluded that she was probably checking on everything after the 3 days of constant rain. He tried the door and of course it was locked. He laughed. He tried the door again, letting out a little louder laugh. He looked at the path around the house, and just saw the mud, sparsely filled in with grass, and knew that in his work shoes, he would end up falling on his ass, ruining his suit.

“Leigh,” Marshal yelled, hoping to get her attention. “If you can hear me, turn around.” He rang the doorbell a couple of times, and banged loudly on the door. Leigh continued to concentrate on the whatever had her attention. “A dollar says she has her earbuds in.” In fact, she did, and some old school hip hop was playing through them.

Marshal stood for a moment hoping that Leigh would turn around, but she ducked out of sight. He painfully took each shoe and sock off, one foot at a time, his hope diminished with each passing moment that she would turn around and see him; within a minute both shoes were off, being carried in his hands, and he was feeling the cool, damp concrete pad below his feet. He anguished over the mud he was about to step foot into, and desired nothing more than to install a walkway around her house. He set them next to the front door.

Marshal started to walk, stripping his suit jacket off, and throwing it in the front seat of the car as he walked past. The gravel under his feet jagged, it warned him to turn back. He looked down and saw that his suit pants dragged the hem on the gravel, and knew that meant they would soon see the cuff dragged through the mud, his mind wondered if the dry cleaner can clean mud from the cuffs, and he pulled them almost to his knees. He smiled at how hairy his legs are.

Marshal’s first step into the grass, he felt it slide up between his toes as his foot sank in. His second step met the same result. After each step, he heard the sound of the mud sucking his foot as he lifted it. He looked down and saw that his shins were now speckled with mud hanging from the hairs on his shins.

As Marshal rounded the corner of the house, he saw Leigh bent over into the garden still, her little shovel still in her hand, pulling mud around the vegetables. In a little basket next to her were a few carrots, a couple of ears of corn, and a couple of tomatoes. He looked down at his feet, and could see that the mud was getting caked on. He still hadn’t gotten her attention. She was dancing a little, really into her gardening, sitting on her knees, and moving mud around everywhere.

Marshal’s tap on Leigh’s shoulder caused her to become very startled, and as she jumped, she swung around knocking his leg out from under him. He attempted to keep his balance, but ended up on the ground, sprawled out, in front of her, flat on his face, completely covered in mud. They both laughed. He pulled her leg to bring her closer, and she fell onto her back.

“I’m sorry for knocking you down,” Leigh was finally able to say between breaths as her laughing calmed down.

“If you had seen me walking around the house,” Marshal said “you’d have known I thought I was going to do that on my own.” He rolled over, and sat up, he was completely covered in mud from the top of his head, completely through the white shirt he was wearing, and every inch of the pants that he had worked so hard to keep out of the mud.

“Where are your shoes and socks?”

“By the front door. It seemed like it would be easier to navigate the mud without them.”

“Was it?”

“Well, I can for sure say that I didn’t fall until I touched you. I guess you can say, I fell for you tonight.”

“Ha! That’s wrong on so many levels. Just to start, I swept you off your feet. Are those good pants?”

“Not anymore,” Marshal said, looking at them, and the mud that would now be a permanent part of the linen. “At least you haven’t fertilized this part of the yard.”

“So, what are you doing here?”

“Do you remember that book on backyard gardening that you let me borrow?” Marshal asked, scraping mud off of his chin.

“I do, did you finally decide it was a good time to return it?” Leigh reached over to Marshal’s shirt, and started to squeegee the mud off, and fling it back into the garden. “Should I scoop some of it off of you with the shovel?”

“Might help.”

Leigh gave Marshal a look, and she bit her bottom lip, he could tell that she was having one of those thoughts that would definitely only end up getting one or both of them in trouble. She stared into his eyes for a moment, then looked away. Her dark brown hair moved a little oddly, part of it went flying off as it always did when she whipped her head, but part of it was still weighed down with mud, and when it hit her cheek, it left a splatter of mud next to her lips. She closed her eyes for a moment.

“What are you thinking girl?” Marshal asked.

“Just having a thought, or two.”

“Spill it, what’s the dirt?”

“That joke was just wrong,” Leigh sighed. “You know my love for puns. And right now the dirt is all over us.”

“I know, but I’m curious what the thoughts on your mind could possibly be.”

Leigh reached over to Marshal’s shirt again, and instead of scooping mud off of his chest, she unbuttoned the second to top button. She saw the clean spot on his chest, and rubbed her muddy finger on it. She unbuttoned another button, and did the same, leaving a little trail of muddy finger prints down his chest. She winked at him.

“So, are we going to do this here and now?” Marshal asked happily, his smile now wide, his face covered with little specs of mud.

“Your clothes are already ruined, may as well make the most of it.” Leigh unbuttoned another button of his shirt, and scooted closer, dragging her butt through the mud, letting her legs pull enough up that it splashed onto his legs. He grabbed her arm, and rubbed the mud from his palms onto her bicep, the contrast of the dark mud on her pale skin made him smile. Seeing how big his hand was compared to her slim frame made him smile that much more.

Leigh now put both of her hands onto Marshal’s shirt and quickly unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way down, ripping it from his pants, splitting the shirt wide open. She bent down and kissed his chest, feeling her drying fingerprints against her nose as she did. She kissed a little lower, pushing Marshal onto his back in the mud.

“Oh my!” Marshal exclaimed loudly. “That is some fucking cold.”

Leigh grabbed Marshal’s left hand and placed it over her right breast, he could feel how hard her nipple was through her shirt. She pushed herself upright, and took her shirt off, throwing it toward the basket of vegetables. Both nipples were hard as diamonds, and her areolas were as big as dollar coins. She grabbed each of Marshal’s arms, and undid the cuffs, and pushed the shirt off each arm when she did. She threw it toward the house, and then jammed him back into the mud. She wiped her hands on his stomach, watching the trail of mud that she left behind.

“We just need to warm it up then. It’s just a little bit of mud.” Leigh leaned back and undid Marshal’s belt, letting it flop to each side. She then undid the hook, and each of the buttons that kept the waistband together. As she slid the zipper down, she looked down on her victim, and puckered her lips at him, blowing a fun little kiss at him. “That mud must be cold.” The laughter in her statement triggered Marshal to flip her off.

“Guess what I’m thinking,” Marshal said. Leigh started to think about it, and he flipped her over onto her back and slid himself down between her legs, both of his hands holding his frame up, while they sunk down into the mud.

“You tell me,” Marshal said. “Is the mud cold?”

“Fuck yes it is!” Leigh struggled a little, her back sinking into the mud. Marshal leaned down and sucked her left nipple into his lips, and pulled it deep into his mouth, letting it rub against his tongue. She squirmed, but her muddy hand quickly went into his hair, and pulled him down further onto her nipple, each moment pulling him harder than the moment before.

“I can feel,” Leigh panted, “the mud in my… hair.” She moaned and laughed at the same time, he took his left hand and slid it all over her right nipple. “Fuck!”

Marshal released and sat straight up on his knees between her legs.

“Uh huh,” Marshal smiled. “Mud on your chest is fucking cold, isn’t it?”

“Fuck yeah it is,” Leigh said, her voice a slightly higher pitch than normal. “So don’t go away now, warm me the fuck up.” She tried to sit up, but Marshal just pushed her back down into the mud and smiled as he looked at the muddy hand print on her shoulder.

“You started this, now we are just having fun.”

“Bring it big boy,” Leigh said laughing.

“I hope you’re ready for it to get real then,” Marshal laughed. He looked down at Leigh, a devilish grin spread across his lips. He reached down and grabbed the button on her jeans, and unsnapped it as if he had trained with ninjas on the technique. He saw the big muddy hand print that he left, and grabbed her zipper, leaving a muddy trail down the zipper cover. He spread her jeans open to find her wearing a pair of pink, lace panties. “Those are nice panties, what was your plan for the evening?”

“When you texted that you were going to stop by,” Leigh said. “I put them on, hoping that we might have some time to fool around. When the rain stopped, I thought maybe you had found something else to do, so I came out to the garden to gather some vegetables, and possibly make us a nice dinner. I guess I lost track of time while I was out here.”

“Hmm, now I have some choices to make here.” Marshal pulled Leigh’s ass up out of the mud by the waistband of her jeans, she submitted, lifting herself up. He grabbed her jeans and pulled them down around her knees. She did not allow her ass to fall back into the mud. “Let yourself down, I want to see those panties get covered in mud.” She shook her head. “Oh, I think it’s going to happen exactly like that.” He reached up and put his hands right in the middle of them, her body reacting to the cold mud that now sat on her pink panties, the hand print starting at her mound, and going all the way up to the fingertips of three fingers on her stomach, a full inch above her panty line.

“Do you know how long it’s going to take to clean those panties?”

“This suit is ruined,” Marshal exclaimed. “It’s already an expensive evening, but we are going to have a lot of fun. I’ll buy you new panties if that is what it takes.”

“Fine.” Leigh sighed. Marshal finished pulling her jeans off and threw them over to the basket of vegetables, letting them cover the basket, and sitting on the shirt that was next to it. He smiled up at her. She smiled back. “It’s not any warmer.”

“Give it a minute,” Marshal said. He wiped his hands on his suit pants, trying to get them clean. He slid his hands up her legs, using the lightest possible touch that he could. His fingernails scratched lightly along her skin, so that she could barely feel more than a tickle, the sensation traveled from her thighs to her mind, and all of the points in between. She felt every inch, reacting to each inch that he scratched differently, sometimes a moan, sometimes by pulling away and trying to bury herself into the mud. He slid down onto his stomach, and started to kiss Leigh’s inner thighs, watching her react as his lips touched the sensitive skin that led from her knees to her covered little pussy. He could feel her tensing up at times, and at other times he could feel her letting go while grabbing his hair and letting out loud moans. He worked slowly, as if the rest of the world had stopped what they were doing, and this was all that mattered.

When Marshal reached Leigh’s panty clad pussy, he rubbed his nose against her, breathing heavily against the fabric covering her lips. He could feel her legs squeeze around his head, her thighs cutting off sound from the outside world. He pushed his lips down onto her pubic mound and blew some hot air against her skin, she reacted by lifting her hips into him. She threw her hands down into the mud, and then onto the back of his head, covering his hair in more mud. He kissed her pussy through her panties for several minutes, watching each reaction that she had, listening to everything she said, and looking for what he thought she liked best. He got distracted by the amount of mud in his hair and how cold it was when more mud got applied. Then he would feel her squeeze his head with her thighs, and he would get right back into feeling how hot, and wet she was.

Leigh’s panties were now hot, and wet with her moisture, even though she was buried in the mud. Marshal could feel her heat with each kiss of her panties, until she finally reached down, and pushed his head back, a big muddy hand print on his forehead. She quickly looped each hand on the hips of her panties and pushed them down to her knees, and he quickly ripped them from her, sliding them down over her ankles and throwing them to match the rest of her clothes on the basket.

Marshal leaned back down in between Leigh’s thighs, and she grabbed his hair with both hands, pulling him into her pussy.

“Eat my pussy!”

Marshal slid his nose between Leigh’s lips, letting the moisture warm him before sliding his nose onto her landing strip. He licked her lips, slowly up and down each one. She reacted with a loud moan at first, then screaming at him to go faster. He circled her pussy, each labia getting it’s own attention. She then grabbed his hair again, and he sucked her clit between his lips, pulling it deep into his mouth, and running his tongue up and down the length of it, feeling how hard and swollen she was.

“Fuck me!” Leigh moaned slowly, her back arching as she attempted to get away from Marshal’s constant tongue lashing. He kept chasing her, pushing his face between her legs, feeling her ass sinking more into the mud, her thighs squeezing around his head, cutting off the sound to the outside world, and he pushed himself more into her with each passing moment, until she built to a climax.

“FUCK! Marshal!” Leigh yelled, breathlessly between each word. “OMG you have to stop for a minute.” She pushed Marshal’s head back, and curled up, squeezing her legs together, trying to catch her breath, panting lowly.

Marshal sat straight up on his knees and watched as Leigh laid there in the mud. She was starting to calm down, and her thighs weren’t as tightly locked together as they had been moments ago. He smiled, and leaned over to the basket, pulling out a large carrot, wiping it off with one of the few clean spots on his shirt, seeing that there was no more mud or dirt on it. She looked at him, then looked at the carrot, then looked at him again.

Leigh grinned at Marshal, “whatcha going to do with that?”

“Well,” Marshal smiled. “I was thinking that you probably needed a snack. I do believe that you are the one that suggested eating healthy.” He placed the top of the carrot on Leigh’s pussy, while the tip went all the way up past her belly button. “It looks like it would be a good length for a snack.”

“So,” Leigh giggled, “how does this work? Are you just going to ram that thing into me, or .. I’m almost a little scared.”

“You’ve never played with your food before?”

“Um, not like this.”

“Well then, aren’t we about to have some fun.”

With that, Marshal took the carrot firmly by the base in his hand, and slowly slid it over the top of Leigh’s stomach, pulling the top up so that the tip was gently gliding over her pale skin. It slipped into the black patch of pubic hair and the orange color stood out brightly as it curved over the top of her mound, and started down onto her clit, pressing between her wet lips as she slowly panted, the anticipation obvious on her face of how she thought it was going to feel.

“OMG!” Leigh shrieked as the carrot slid between her lips. “That carrot feels harder than what I would have expected.” She pushed her back into the mud, lifting her ass higher into the air. It was obvious she was trying to get more of the carrot inside her, as she would try to push her body down it’s length. “It keeps getting thicker too.” She panted harder, half the carrot now buried into her. “So,” she stopped short, her breath having left her, “thick.”

Marshal used the carrot to fuck Leigh there in the garden, and he could see how much she was getting into it. The orange of the carrot looked great next to the pink of her lips, each thrust would take a little more, a little deeper, and the thickness of the carrot would spread her pussy a little more open. She would scream for more, and then buck her body into it, trying to take the whole carrot deep inside, but each time her moans got louder, until finally her entire body seized, before dropping her ass into the ground, pulling the carrot from his grip, and the only part of her body moving was her chest as she tried to catch her breath.

“Fuck, Marshal, that was so good.”

“I told you,” Marshal said, “we were about to have some fun.”

“Slide up here, I don’t know that I want to move right now.”

Marshal slid himself on his knees up to Leigh, and she rubbed his cock through his pants for a minute. She then opened them up and let them fall to his knees. She pulled his cock out of his boxers, and gave it a couple of long strokes before getting up on her side, on her arm, and gently kissing the head of his cock, letting her tongue slip into the hole a couple of times, before pushing her mouth deep down the shaft. He couldn’t contain himself any longer, after watching her cum all over the carrot, his balls exploded, and a load of hot cum shot deep into her mouth. She tickled his cock for another moment with her tongue, before spitting him out and laying back down in the mud. She then reached down, grabbed the carrot, and pulled it out.

“Seems like it’s a good day to just sunbathe naked in the garden,” Leigh said, looking over at Marshal. “Take it all off and lay here with me.” He did as she requested, the two of them laying there, naked in the mud, with a carrot on her stomach.

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