Castle: 2. The Power of Man

Castle: 2. The Power of Man

The Feast to Celebrate the Hunt

The party lasted for hours. The drinks had flowed steadily throughout the festival hall, many of the men lay passed out under the tables, some sat in the corners of the room passed out from too much wine and beer. Shelby had cleaned the room to get a start on the cleaning that needed to happen. The kitchen staff had steadily provided drinks, had steadily provided food. The food ran out, and the alcohol continued to flow. From time to time she would run back and let the drink wenches know that they needed more beer.

Ian sat in one corner of the room. As the stable boy he could come for drinks, but he was not allowed to eat with the men who hunted until they were done feasting. Like every other feast, he sat and watched Shelby clean the room, sipping on a single cup of wine for hours. She caught his eyes twice and they would each blush. He thought about having her backed up against the horse, the kiss she gave him, it was scandalous if anyone had seen them, or known. 

The chair in the center of Arthur’s table still had him sitting there. He drank slowly, as he did every night. He joked with the men; he made suggestive and lewd comments to the women, the wives of his guests, the kitchen girls, even the chambermaids who were busy cleaning the room. The more he drank, the more lewd the comments got. As the night was quieting down, the lead woman from the kitchen came in to talk to Arthur.

“What can I do for you?” Arthur asked the kitchen staffer.

“I just wanted to let you know that we are almost out of prepared food,” the woman responded meekly.

“From the number of men laying on the floor,” Arthur started. “Seems like we should probably wrap it up and call it a night.” Arthur burped at the end of the sentence, his bearded chin stretched along with his smile.

“That would be great your Highness,” the woman responded. She looked Arthur in the eyes.

“Why are you daring to make eye contact with me?”

“Well, I…” the woman stammered. “I just thought”

“Don’t you ever dare,” Arthur said, anger in his tone, “look me in the eye again.”

“Yes sir,” the woman said.

Shelby walked close enough to hear the exchange, and she felt bad for the woman from the kitchen. She was angry for her. She knew that she needed to keep quiet, mind her own business though. She had heard the rumors about the prince, his desires at the end of particularly good hunts, and how he treated women the next day. Arthur noticed her and waved her to come to him.

“Your Highness, how may I help you?” Shelby dropped her head to look at his feet.

“I want you to join me tonight in my bed. I don’t believe you’ve ever had the pleasure before.”

Shelby paused. She knew that she didn’t want to go, but she knew that she could not turn down the prince without embarrassing him. She did not want to embarrass him as everyone knew about his temper.

“As you wish,” Shelby could finally squeeze out through clenched teeth. “I’m sure it will be my pleasure your Highness.”

“You can go to my chambers and get yourself ready for me.”

Shelby nodded. She lifted her eyes from the floor, but kept them angled down. She turned and fought off the urge to display her anger. She did not want to feel his anger in return for hers. She fought the anger within herself because she knew ultimately what would happen to her.

Sierra caught her as she left the dining hall.

“It won’t be that bad,” Sierra assured Shelby. “I have something that might help.”

Sierra parted Shelby’s side with a wink. She disappeared before Shelby could ask what her comment meant.

Ian watched the conversation between Shelby and the prince and knew exactly what happened. He looked down into his cup of wine and finished the warm liquid. He signaled for a fresh cup of wine and someone brought it to him; he slugged it while the girl stood there. He then left the dining hall as well to go back to his chambers.

Arthur saw Ian leave the hall and smiled an evil grin. He picked up a new cup of wine from Sierra and took a long pull from it. Someone had told him earlier that day about what had happened in the stables, and he wouldn’t allow a stable boy to fuck his chamber maids before he did.

The Prince’s Bed Chamber

Shelby opened the door of the bedchamber. It creaked loud enough she thought someone could hear it over the partying in the dining hall. The hinges desperately needed oil. She became nervous of everything about the room as she looked about.

“Those hinges might be loud enough to wake the dead, so if anyone in here is dead, please continue sleeping.”

A short time later, the prince came into his room. The hinges alerted Shelby that Arthur had entered.

“Where are you, dear?” Arthur asked.

Shelby continued to sit in the chair on the far side of the room rocking. She raised her hand a little and waved at him.

“Why are you still wearing so many clothes?” Arthur asked politely.

“I wasn’t sure how I should receive you,” Shelby answered in a weak tone.

“We will fuck and you will tell no one about tonight.”

“Why wouldn’t I tell anyone about tonight?”

“It’s easy, I said you won’t.”

“Did you sleep with that woman earlier? Is that why you insulted her so badly?”

“It’s not any of your business if I did or not,” Arthur said with a matter-of-fact tone. “For the record though, I’ve never slept with anyone in the castle. And tomorrow I will still say I have never slept with anyone in the castle.”

“What does that mean for tonight?”

“It means you are getting fucked and you will never say a word.”

With that, the prince unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt. He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall down around his ankles and stepped over them. He approached her in his boxers and his half buttoned shirt.

Shelby stood up. The dress she wore all evening still hung on her shoulders. Arthur stepped up close to her and slid the straps of her dress over her shoulders and they fell. He spun her around and unzipped the back. The dress fell to the floor. She stood in just her corset and a pair of long, white, split drawers. Arthur gave her body a nice long stare. She agonized over the thought of him touching her again.

His large, calloused, leathery hands wrapped around her wrists and spun them down to bring them both together, placing both of them in a single hand. He walked her over to the bed and pushed her face first into the thick blankets. He climbed onto the bed behind her, and as he pressed himself up against her, she could feel his cock pressing against her thighs, trying to slide between them. She could feel how warm it was, she also felt how small it was. She also couldn’t help but smile when she felt how limp he was. She knew that he would not be fucking her tonight. He kept pressing his limpness against her.

“Get the fuck out,” Arthur murmured. “I must have drank too much.”

Shelby took a quick look back as she quickly slipped into her dress and headed out of the room. She saw Arthur sitting on the bed looking into his lap; she saw his limp, little cock and smiled. She was down the hall, the stairs and into the servants’ chambers as fast as possible.

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WickedWednesday – 368 – A Guy is a Guy…

For the #WickedWednesday prompt this week it was so easy to see a prince taking advantage of their power to a simple chambermaid.

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