A Bet Lost – Part 8

A Bet Lost – Part 8

“Why don’t you get off the bed, and come be here with me?” Suzy asked. She grabbed each of Heather’s hands, and pulled them in between the couple. Heather involuntarily complied with a quickness when she rocked her body backward and slid her legs out from behind her, until they found the floor. She then rocked forward, from her mount on Marshal’s shin, and stood, face to face with Suzy.

“What now?” Heather questioned, her voice a little shaky, unsure of what was going to happen next. 

“Close your eyes,” Suzy said. “And then trust me, I won’t let anything bad happen to you tonight.” Heather did as told, and closed her eyes tight. “Stand perfectly still for a moment.” Heather’s face contorted, a half smile spread across her lips, her brow raised nervously.

Suzy turned Heather’s hands over so that they were now palm up. She slid her fingernails from the center of each palm, up her forearms, until she reached Heather’s elbows, both slowly, both evenly.

“Do you like how that feels on your skin?” Suzy asked.

“Uh huh,” Heather answered quietly.

Suzy drew her hands back, nails digging in a little deeper, she moved them a slower, more deeply. Little white trails appeared on Heather’s forearms where the nails had just scratched. They faded quickly. 

“Heather wants to open her eyes so badly,” Leigh whispered into Marshal’s ear. “You can see the strain in her cheeks.” 

“Yeah she does,” Marshal agreed. “I think she might burst if she doesn’t get to see what’s going on soon.”

“Shut up,” Heather snapped. “Both of you.” Heather started to open an eye.

“I said keep your eyes closed,” Suzy snapped, her right arm moving quickly to perform an open handed slap on Heather’s forearm. Heather responded by closing her eyes as told, but dropping her arm to her side. Suzy dug a little deeper into Heather’s wrist with her other hand. Heather stood, she tightened the muscles in her thighs, her legs squeezing together, her body visibly shaking.

“Oh,” Heather said after a moment. “Fuck!”

“Do you want another?” Suzy spoke in a low, slow tone of voice, every word deliberate.

Heather nodded, opening her mouth, then closing it back up.

“Do you want to say something?” Suzy asked her, still speaking lowly.

“No,” Heather squeaked out.

“Raise your arms, and keep your eyes closed.”

Heather did as told, she raised her arms straight over her head. She felt Suzy step up again, and grab the bottom of her shirt. Suzy lifted it, she pulled Heather almost over taking the shirt up over her arms, and then flung the shirt into the mountain of clothes in the middle of the room. Heather kept her eyes closed. Suzy then spun Heather around to face Marshal and Leigh.

“I can’t believe that you are wearing the same bra that you bought your husband,” Leigh said.

“I can,” Marshal said. “It’s probably her idea of something loving after humiliating me all day.”

“I wanted him to enjoy our time after the game tonight,” Heather said, eyes still closed. “I had thought we could run around the house in our bras tonight after everyone left.” 

“Yes, but why didn’t you send us pictures of you in the bra too?” Suzy asked.

“What?” Heather said, her eyes now opened and turned to Suzy.

“Seems only fair,” Leigh said. “Marshal, where is your phone?”

“I’m on it,” Marshal said. “I don’t have nearly enough pictures of my wife in a bra.” Marshal reached over and grabbed his phone, opening the camera app, and trying to quickly take a picture. Heather lifted her arms up across her chest. Suzy reacted by scratching her fingernails down Heather’s back, leaving a long trail of red and white, scratched skin. Heather flung her arms to her sides, as her face scrunched up. The flash lit up, and the picture sitting on Marshal’s phone was of a naked Suzy, scratching the top of Heather’s back, while Heather flung her chest toward the camera.

“Fine,” Heather said.

Suzy unsnapped the bra from Heather’s back in a quick motion, unnoticed by everyone else, and it fell to the floor at Heather’s feet. Heather stood there, half naked, her firm, full B cup breasts exposed to the room, her nipples rock hard, facing Leigh and Marshal, a shocked look on her face at everything that just happened. Marshal took another picture.

“That one, I’ll label as the only time I’ve ever seen Heather speechless,” Marshal stated.

“Fuckers,” Heather said.

“I think that is the goal here,” Leigh quipped.

Suzy placed her body close behind Heather, and wrapped her arms around Heather’s stomach. She kissed on her back, and then up to the back of her neck. Her hands played with heather’s sides, gripping her waist, her hips, and then slowly slid them up her stomach.

Marshal reached down and grabbed Leigh’s tit, letting his finger, and thumb squeeze around her nipple, feeling the hardness of her breast against his palm. He pulled her up, and gave her another kiss. Heather watched them, a huge smile on her face, while Suzy scraped her nails down Heather’s stomach, on each side, she scratched hard.

“F U C K,” Heather spelled out. “I’ve never felt anything like that.” 

Suzy placed both of her hands on the waistline of Heather’s jeans, and slid them around to the button. She slipped her thumb behind the button, and with her finger covering the front of the button, she quickly unsnapped the jeans.

“Where did you find jeans with a snap?” Suzy asked. 

“I’ve had these jeans for a long time,” Heather said. Suzy finished unzipping them, and let them fall to the floor.

“That does explain why they are so loose,” Suzy said.

“So,” Leigh said, she broke her kiss with Marshal. “Are Heather’s jeans the only thing that’s loose?”

“Did you notice the panties that little Ms Heather has on Leigh?” Suzy asked. 

Leigh snapped her head back, and Marshal looked from under Leigh, both to see Heather wearing a pair of flower printed panties to match the bras that the two of them had on.

“Again,” Heather said. “I was going to treat Marshal to a special evening. I’m thinking that this still qualifies.”

“I think you are probably right,” Leigh said. She leaned back into Marshal and gave him a quick kiss. “Unless he doesn’t like naked women kissing on him, and each other.”

“I think it’s special,” Marshal said. He let his hands run their way over Leigh’s skin, and his smile broadened. “My face is going to hurt tomorrow from all of this smiling.” He then kissed her once again, letting the silence take over the room.

“Well,” Suzy said. “I guess we know where his mind is.” 

Suzy grabbed Heather before she had a chance to respond, and spun her back around. As they faced each other, Heather leaned in and kissed Suzy, pushing her panties onto the floor with her spare hand. She kicked them into the pile of clothes in the middle of the room, and then leaned back onto the bed, pulling Suzy over to it with her. 

“Spank me,” Heather said. “Just like you did Leigh.”

Suzy wasted no time as she flipped Heather onto her stomach on the bed, Heather’s head landed on the back of Leigh’s thigh, and as she looked up, Leigh’s thong still on, but Marshal’s hand between her legs, his fingers visible where her pussy was pressing against the lace, she stared at the hand prints left from earlier.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Suzy asked, her hand found the softest part of Heather’s ass, and she slipped her fingers, and her palm, in a large circular pattern over the softness. 

“Yesssss,” Heather hissed. “Please.” As Suzy’s hand slid over her ass, she closed her eyes. Her face twisted with anticipation, she waited, she lifted her ass into the air a little, and Suzy teased her. Suzy slipped her hand over Heather’s ass, and then she lifted it, placed it down on the bed beside Heather, and then pulled herself up onto the bed. She pushed both of Heather’s legs together, and then slipped her legs onto each side of Heather’s, straddling both legs. She straddled Heather’s legs, but knelt over them, careful about how much skin touched between the two of them.

Suzy placed her left hand down on the bed, and placed her hand onto Heather’s ass again, she rubbed the same spot she had rubbed before. She bent down, and gave Heather’s ass a gentle kiss right where her palm had been. She raised her hand and slapped the fat part of Heather’s ass with a quick motion right after her lips had moved away.

“Holy fuck!” Heather screamed. Her body jerked, and thrust itself into the bed. Her face buried itself into the back of Leigh’s thigh. Leigh giggled into Marshal’s mouth as they kissed. Suzy placed her palm over the red welt that was now forming, and then leaned down to kiss on Heather’s ass once more. She rubbed a little spot next to the welt, and then quickly and forcefully slapped Heather’s ass once more. She kissed her, leaving a little wet trail, and then gave it a gentle rub. She then slid her hand around to Heather’s bare pussy, and felt how hot and wet she was. 

“You like that,” Suzy said. “Are you ready for more?” Heather bucked her hips into Suzy’s hand. “Was that a yes?”

“Yes,” Heather said, drawing the sound of the word out over several seconds. “I need more.” She paused. “So much more.”

Suzy slipped her hand back over to Heather’s ass, and dropped her head back to kiss on the big, red welt that was on Heather’s ass. Suzy rubbed her fingers over Heather’s ass again, and as she raised her hand, Heather pushed her ass into the air, as if she was attached to the hand that went away.

Suzy brought her hand down hard, slapping a second spot on Heather’s ass, the sound resonated throughout the room. Heather screamed out.

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