Housewife of Silicon Valley: The Trip Downtown

Housewife of Silicon Valley: The Trip Downtown

I always love Wicked Wednesday, it’s one of the more fun things that I attempt to go out of my way to make sure that I get done every week, even between all of the other projects I have going on. I also have been having fun with a story that I thought might just have a part or two and is now taking on a life of it’s own in my head.

With the prompt being “Unmentionable” this week, I couldn’t avoid writing some of the fun that a woman can have with her robot husband. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

So, on with the story.

Housewife of Silicon Valley

Housewife of Silicon Valley: Marshal Goes Home

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WickedWednesday – 362 – Unmentionable

Heather sat in the passenger seat of the Challenger. After 3 years of the experiment, she always let Marshal drive. She had become used to how quickly he could react to situations that she didn’t even see coming. She even enjoyed the thought of being chauffeured everywhere by the robot that she had been calling her husband.

“You calmed down after your shower. What were you thinking about in there?” Heather asked to break the silence. She snickered at herself, even after all of this time, the awkward silences occasionally still bothered her.

“I was having some pleasant thoughts about the experiment I’m running at work. Tomorrow is going to be a better day. The team and I will perfect what we are working on.” Marshal turned to Heather and smiled a wide, natural smile.

“I love your positive outlook on it.”

“Well, I think sometimes you just have to take a minute, think through the positives and negatives of situations, and then make a path to go forward.”

“I think you are right,” Heather said, reaching over to rest her hand on Marshal’s leg. As she touched his thigh, she remembered the techs talking about how they used materials that looked and felt like real skin. She thought about the number of times that she had grabbed them, just to feel how close to real they were. The company had bigger plans for the material; this did not matter to the inner lust she had. She felt the bulk they had placed under the skin, so that a quick glance would mistake it for muscle.

Marshal responded to the touch of Heather’s fingers. The sensors in his legs told him it was a soft, gentle touch. He looked at her face; he saw the obvious expression of a deep moral decision.

“Are you sure that you want to do that while I’m driving,” Marshal mimicked a grin he had seen in some random tv show.

“I don’t think you’ll miss a beat,” Heather said, sliding her hand further up Marshal’s thigh. He shifted as if he were uncomfortable, the logical center of his mind told him that was how he should react.

Heather kept moving her palm up Marshal’s leg. She slid her hand over his crotch. She knew about the dildo they had placed there so that he could feel like a man. She let her fingers feel the length of it through the jeans he wore. She smiled. All 8 inches of it were hard, they always were. The material that was used for skin had a little give, to feel as real as possible.

The team responsible for Marshal, Lilly, and many other AI driven robots had spent many years perfecting the materials they used. The driving force was to start deploying the robots for daily use as body guards, soldiers, and even lovers. Marshal was in this last category, so the realism needed to be there. There were certain switches that were programmed into Marshal for certain activities. Since the programmers wanted Marshal to be a general purpose Artificial Intelligence, they wanted Heather to be able to warm up to him and feel as if she was being with a real man. They also agreed that recordings should stop whenever his cock is touched so that the lover can have privacy from the development team. Only some basic telemetry was sent back during encounters.

For this particular project, Heather agreed that if she was going to pretend to be a housewife, then she needed to be able to have her needs met. She didn’t need it often from Marshal, but every once in awhile she would find herself feeling lustful for him. That was part of the goal though.

Heather moved her hand up to the button of Marshal’s jeans and popped them open. She slid the zipper down, and pulled his cock out. She smiled at the site, it had been a few weeks that she hadn’t touched it. Now she had it in her hand, and was banging the tip of it against the steering wheel, giving it long strokes. She enjoyed the way it felt in her hand. She also knew that his brain told him to enjoy it, so she looked at his eyes and noticed that they were squinting, she also felt safe as she knew they were completely on the road ahead and that nothing would stop that.

“Are you sure you want to start this again in the car?” Marshal asked.

“You know I do,” Heather said, she slipped her hand down between her legs, feeling her own heat through her jeans. “I didn’t realize how long it’s been.”

“43 days,” Marshal said. “If I remember correctly.”

Heather giggled, she knew he probably did.

“Why don’t you pull over at the next exit, and we’ll find a little place to rest.” Heather threw air quotes up when she said rest. Marshal complied and they quickly found a parking lot to pull into.

Heather quickly stripped her jeans, and then her panties off. She climbed over the center console of the Challenger and straddled Marshal, her ass now on the steering wheel. He leaned the seat back a little, letting her slide down the length of the dildo as far as she wanted. She moaned as the cock pressed deep into her. Her orgasm happened in under a minute, she slowed letting his cock just fill her, and then slowly sank off of him back across to the seat she had come from.

“Go ahead and drive. I’ll get myself dressed again while you take me downtown. Then we can do this again tonight.” Marshal turned the key and the car roared to life. “Of course, don’t mention this to anyone if you are ever asked.”

“Of course not, my love,” Marshal said.

3 thoughts on “Housewife of Silicon Valley: The Trip Downtown

  1. I liked it hehe. Also an interesting topic since AI and robots are becoming more popular. Looking forward to read more naughty robot stories in the future 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!


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