Mollie and Chris: Ch. 4

Mollie and Chris: Ch. 4

The Awkward Moments

Chris stood and watched his new boss, Kristine, and the woman that brought him to the most naked wedding he had ever attended, Mollie kiss. As they did, their bodies approached each other, and it ended with a long hug. They placed their foreheads against each other and stared into each other’s eyes. They each squeezed tightly.

“I’ve missed you Mollie,” Kristine snuck the words out as she tried to breathe.

“I’ve missed you too,” Mollie said. Her head nodded and their foreheads both moved up and down. “I’d ask how things are going with Eric, but I saw him sitting over there.”

Kristine’s husband, Eric, raised his hand in a wave.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Eric said. He walked over and Mollie let go of Kristine. They hugged for a moment. “We were wondering what you had been up to.”

Chris stood there. He looked around as if he was trying to find a lost pet.

“I think I’ll let you all catch up,” Chris said. “Do any of you need anything?”

“I’ll go with you,” Eric said. His hug ended and Mollie went back to Kristine.

“Can you get me a bottle of water?” Mollie asked them, her eyes focused on Kristine again.

The men walked away from the women toward the groups at the back of the church.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Mollie said.

“It’s nice to see you too.” Kristine whispered. “I should have called sooner.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch,” Mollie said, “but I wasn’t sure that after the way things had ended with, all of us, and the last time we talked you sounded…” 

Kristine held her finger up to Mollie’s lips.

“It was a rough time.” Kristine ran her index finger over Mollie’s lips, a little lipstick came off onto her fingertip. “I have thought about those times a few times since then and should have picked up the phone.”

“You always complained that I never answered the phone, really, just text.”

Both women laughed. 

“We should all 4 get together sometime soon then,” Mollie said.

“What’s the story with your boyfriend?” Kristine asked. “He’s cute, and apparently he works for me. This could either be a lot of fun or the most frustrating thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“We’re neighbors,” Mollie said. “We just met the other night during the storms. The power in my building went out and… long story. I haven’t even slept with him yet, though he can lick a pussy like… well, really well.” Her cheeks blushed a little. “I asked him here tonight because my plus one had cancelled on me and Chris seemed like he’d be game for just about anything.”

“Well, he got naked with a bunch of strangers. So that’s a plus.”

“It surprised me.”

“It’s difficult. What I hear you saying though is you don’t know him well, yet.”

“I’m going to give him a shot, he seems like a decent fella. Though going out sometime, might be difficult if he works for you. I’m not sure what your company’s policy on such things.”

“You know I like to fool around with the guys at work,” Kristine said. “And he looks like he spends some time at the gym. He’s got the abs I think I’d enjoy licking.”

They both laughed.

Eric and Chris

“Kristine seemed a little concerned when you said you work for her,” Eric said.

“Well then, we are even. She’s seen me naked, and I’ve seen her naked.”

“That’s funny,” Eric laughed. “How well do you know Mollie?”

“Just met her the other night. It seems like you three know each other pretty well though.”

“It’s a long story, but the three of us used to be a thing. I can share some details if you want to know.”

Eric, Mollie, and Kristine

“Kristine and I have had an open marriage for about 10 years now. There is nothing but honesty between us about our feelings toward each other, the lovers that either of us may have, even all the information about how dates may have gone.”

Chris nodded.

“About 2 years ago, I met Mollie on a dating app. I told her all the details about the relationship and the fact I would hide nothing. While it wasn’t often, Kristine occasionally would like to meet my partners. Since I tell everyone all of those details even before the first date, I don’t do a lot of dating, but every once in a while I find a nice girl that thinks they are down for it.”

“That sounds like a good idea so far,” Chris said.

“It’s a great idea. When I find someone, I would spend months with them. We see each other every couple of weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less. Everyone is busy, so it’s not as bad as it may sound.”

“Anyway, Mollie came up on the app. I gave her the spiel, and she seemed cool with it. So we went out twice. On our second date she told me she wanted to sleep with me, but knowing I was married, she wanted to talk to Kristine, in person, first. That was cool, so we arranged a date for the three of us. Nothing fancy, just dinner at a sushi restaurant. It went well and satisfied Mollie and I went back to her apartment and Kristine went home.”

“Doesn’t sound so crazy yet,” Chris smirked. “I have a feeling you are about to tell me something that will shock me.”

“I sure hope so,” Eric smiled. 

“So, we went back to Mollie’s and had a great time. We dated for a couple of months and I told Kristine about my feelings after each date. I also was very open with Mollie about how I was feeling. Over time, Kristine and Mollie had also become friends and started talking. They would go shopping together. They would help each other find outfits. Finally one night, I got home and found Kristine and Mollie sitting at the kitchen table having a few drinks. They were, actually, rather drunk when I found them.”

“Kristine looked at me and said that she wanted to try something that she had never done. She thought Mollie was the perfect girl. When I asked her what, she leaned over, kissed Mollie with a kiss, and reminded me of how she used to kiss me before we were married.”

Eric went quiet for a moment. He smiled in his silence and closed his eyes.

“Kristine and Mollie gave me my first threesome. After I was spent, I watched the two of them spend hours with each other. They forgot about me even being in the room and Mollie was so good about telling Kristine what she liked. Then the favor was returned many times.”

“The three of us dated for a while. We’d go out on dates and we’d get the strangest looks as Mollie is obviously young enough to be our daughter. When we’d kiss her in public and pass her back and forth, people would glare.”

“Oh wow,” Chris let slip. “That sounds really hot.”

“Then Kristine got jealous. If I had a date night with Mollie, I would get home, there would be a thousand questions about what we did, did we fuck, etc. It was weird to watch my beautiful wife, who has all the confidence in the world become unraveled.”

“Then what happened?”

“Kristine called Mollie one day out of the blue and told her she had to choose between us. When Mollie said she enjoyed Kristine but was falling in love with me, it sent Kristine over the deep end and I stopped seeing Mollie soon after because Kristine would send Mollie and I both lots of strange text messages when we were out.”

“So, is this the first time you have seen each other since then?” Chris asked.

“It is.”

“Is everything good now?”

“It is great. We have figured out what it was. We have even dated the same woman from time to time. It’s been great.”

“That’s great,” Chris said gleefully. “You had me concerned for a few minutes that weird things might happen while we’ve been gone.”

Four weeks of #WickedWednesday prompts that have been allowing me to fall in love with Chris, Mollie, and the other characters that are part of this story. What started off as a one off is becoming a bit of a passion for me now.

Thank you Marie as always for allowing me to come and play with your sand in this sandbox.

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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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