A Bet Lost – Part 9

A Bet Lost – Part 9

The sound of Suzy’s hand hitting Heather’s ass resonated throughout the room. It caused both Marshal and Leigh to stop their kiss, and turn their bodies toward Heather. Heather lay there, on the mattress, face buried as hard, and deep as she could place it. As Suzy touched her ass, she slid her way up the bed, up Marshal’s leg. 

“Ouch, that hurt me,” Marshal said loudly. Leigh rolled onto her side, beside him. 

“I think that had to hurt,” Leigh said. “I do believe you will have a hard time sitting tomorrow girl.”

“Fuccccckkkkk,” Heather finally moaned slowly into the bed, her face still buried. “I want it again, just like that.” She stopped moving, and lifted her ass a little into Suzy’s hand, who slipped her hand now under Heather’s body, and rubbed her clit softly with her thumb. She then brought her hand back around and just rested it over Heather’s new welt.

“Are you ok?” Suzy asked, she bent down to whisper into Heather’s ear.

“Yes,” Heather grunted, her head still crushed into the mattress. Twenty seconds passed, Suzy leaned in again, and gave Heather a kiss on the cheek, her chest rested onto Heather’s back. Another few seconds went by, and Heather lifted herself up onto her elbows and looked around the room.

“Why does Leigh still have her panties on?” Heather asked, she stretched her arm up, and grabbed the waistband of the panties, and pulled them down. Leigh quickly moved her body in a worm like fashion, and let them slide down her legs, and off. Heather threw them over her shoulder, and they landed in the middle of the floor, close to but not on the mountain of clothes.

An awkward silence now fell onto everyone in the room, as each looked at one another, and then onto another naked body. Marshal gave Heather a long stare, as did Leigh, and then eventually Suzy looked up at Marshal.

“OK,” Leigh finally broke the silence, “I think it’s time to make Marshal’s life.” A second passed, “not that I want to end his life tonight.” Laughter broke out, and the tension that hung throughout the room was gone.

Heather flipped over on the bed, and faced Suzy. She grabbed her hair and pulled their heads together, Heather’s lips almost touching Suzy’s ear, and whispered for a moment. Both smiled at the end of their short conversation. Suzy then got up, and Heather got up on the other side of the bed, closer to Leigh, the two women whispered into each other’s ears, and a big smile shown from each of their faces. Marshal watched and as he did, he involuntarily stroked himself.

Suzy approached from the right, and kneeled down beside the bed. She gave Marshal a deep, long kiss, and grabbed his cock from his hand. She gave it a long squeeze. When she finished her kiss, she kissed down his neck, her hand still on his cock, she squeezed it tight, then she loosened her grip, and then tightened it again. She kissed down his breast, feeling the plumpness of it against her lips. She let her chin slowly glide over the tip of his nipple, and she looked up at him again. She sucked his nipple into her mouth, and squeezed his cock in her hand.

Leigh knelt down beside Marshal on his left side. She gave him a deeper kiss, she slid her tongue in deep past his lips, and she pressed her face down hard onto him. Her hair fell over his face, and the two kissed in blackness for a moment. As she backed away, she grabbed his balls, and squeezed them firmly. She then kissed down his neck, and onto his breast, a soft purr leaving her lips against his skin as she moved her head.

Marshal leaned his head back and looked at his wife. Heather approached the bed, she stood over him until she leaned down and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He closed his eyes. She climbed up onto the bed, one leg on each side of his head. She looked down, careful not to step on him. When he opened his eyes, he saw her standing above him, her thighs a gateway to her pussy. She stared down the length of her body, seeing her pussy right over the top of his eyes, she squatted slowly. 

“That look in your eyes,” Heather said, “reminds me of the first time we ever made love. You had chased me for months, and when I finally got naked, you were at a loss for words.” She ended the sentence with her pussy just inches from his mouth, her hands on the headboard. She looked down between her legs, and slowly placed herself onto his lips. “You had better make me want to do all of this again.”

Both Suzy and Leigh squeezed tight on his cock, and his balls. They both gave a hard nibble on his nipples. As he tried to moan, his mouth was muffled as Heather’s pussy rocked back and forth over his mouth. He slipped his tongue up into her pussy. His cock throbbed, his nipples throbbed. Suzy reacted to this by letting her grip loosen on his cock and she gave it a long stroke.

As Marshal’s tongue probed Heather’s pussy, he rocked his body into it. He moved his hands up to support her ass, and used them to move her around. Each time she would moan, either Suzy or Leigh would squeeze his cock or balls, or bite on his nipples. In between moans, they would slowly lick their way around his areolas and nipples, they bit all the way around his breasts, leaving bite marks from their teeth all the way around.

Heather slowed, and thrust her head back. Her orgasm was starting, and Marshal quickly lifted his head up into her, letting his tongue make one last round of licks on her lips, her clit, and then as she leaned forward onto his face, pressing his head into the pillows, he kissed on her pussy mound, the freshly shaved pussy so soft against his lips and chin. She gave a couple of last thrusts against his face, and then stopped holding herself up.

Leigh gave Marshal’s nipple a bite, and then moved to lick and kiss around his breast. She watched Heather’s ass stay motionless, the moans of her orgasm starting to subside. Leigh worked down under Marshal’s tit, and gave it little baby bites. He jerked a little to each one, but he moaned into Heather’s body each time. Leigh let go of his balls, and sucked the underside of Marshal’s tit with everything she had, pulling her body up with her head. When she finally stopped sucking, his tit fell back down with a little bounce.

Suzy let go of Marshal’s cock and slid her body over on top of him; she spread her legs over his cock and pressed her body down until her pussy barely touched the head of his member.

Heather slid herself back so that she was straddling Marshal’s stomach, she was positioned right in front of Suzy. She left a long trail of wetness along his chest, and then down his stomach. Suzy grabbed onto Heather’s shoulders, and ground her pussy forward until her stomach touched Heather’s ass.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” Heather asked Marshal as he lay on his back.

“I don’t know what’s coming,” Marshal answered. “Well, other than you. Sure though, I think I’m ready for this.”

“I doubt you are,” Leigh said. She lifted herself onto the bed, and lowered herself onto her knees, straddling Marshal’s face. She ground her pussy down onto Marshal’s lips, she forced his mouth open. 

“Do you like that?” Leigh asked. “Do you want to suck on those lips?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Marshal moaned. “So badly.” 

“Are you sure that you can eat two pussies in one day?” Suzy asked.

“I’m sure,” Marshal said. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Heather placed her hands on both of Marshal’s tits. She kissed Leigh as she leaned forward. As the two locked lips, Suzy slipped her pussy down onto Marshal’s cock, allowing his head to penetrate her. Marshal moaned as the head of his cock became warm. As the sound escaped him, Leigh slipped her pussy forward, over his lips, and he blew the hot air against her skin.

“Take it slow,” Leigh broke her kiss to say. “My pussy is so sensitive right now, I’ll probably cum in a minute.”

“Why would you tell him that?” Heather panted. “Now he’ll try to make you cum in a minute.” She squeezed his nipples, and then pulled them between her finger and thumb on each hand. “I’d rather the three of us just kind of enjoy him for a little bit first.”

Marshal laid his tongue out flat and slipped it up to Leigh’s pussy lips, and took a long lick of each lip. He looked like a kid enjoying a popsicle, he took minutes to fully get his mouth fully around Leigh’s clit.

Heather focused on kissing Leigh, sometimes her hands were on Leigh’s nipples, and breasts, squeezing, and other times they were on Marshal’s nipples. Suzy, with her stomach pressed into Heather’s back, kissed on the back of Heather’s neck, then down her back a little. She teased the head of Marshal’s cock for several minutes before allowing herself to slide down the length of his shaft. As she did, she moaned into Heather’s back. 

“OH MY GOD!” Suzy exclaimed with after several minutes. She leaned back, and pounded herself hard onto Marshal’s cock. 

Marshal rocked his head straight up into Leigh’s pussy, he sucked on her clit harder, and then would back off for a minute to do a long lick from Leigh’s taint all the way up to her clit, making sure to get his tongue into her slit so that his tongue was against both of her lips at the same time. She reached down and grabbed onto his chest, digging her nails into his tits. Her mouth opened, and silently she orgasmed, until her body started to spasm, pushing her pussy down hard onto Marshal’s face.

Suzy slipped her hand between her body and Heather’s, she started to stroke her clit with her finger. She continued to grind her pussy down onto Marshal’s cock. She rubbed her clit, and as she started to cum, she screamed once again. “OH MY GOD!” She sat there for a long moment, she still straddled Marshal and his cock, her legs spread over his. She collapsed onto Heather’s back, her tits now resting against Heather’s back. Leigh leaned forward, her pussy now around Marshal’s neck, and she rested her head on Heather’s chest.

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