A Bet Lost – Part 4

A Bet Lost – Part 4

Marshal looked down at his chest, and then at Suzy’s bra, hanging from Leigh’s hands and waved off the attempt to cover his breasts. She looked disappointed and allowed it to drop to the floor, and it lay there in a heap, the left cup on top, and a strap splayed across the carpet. She looked at Marshal, and pushed him back onto the bed, where he sat down hard. She then stared deep into his eyes, and got a small grin.

“Can I have a minute alone with Marshal girls?”

Heather and Suzy both looked at the back of Leigh’s head, and then at each other. Heather nodded first, and then Suzy took the queue, both of them left the room, allowing Marshal and Leigh to have a few minutes alone, some peace and quiet. The door closed softly, and the room became quiet.

“Marshal,” Leigh started, her voice quiet, and low. “We are just trying to have a little fun with you here, help you get your mind off of the current situation, and experience something new in life. You’re OK with that right?”

Marshal let out a big sigh. “I know. I think if I can keep from thinking about the fact that they might be permanent, then …”

Leigh lifted her hand, and placed it over Marshal’s lips, her index finger, middle finger, and ring finger hanging lightly from his mouth. “What if they are?” She asked. “Will that change anything tomorrow?”

“No,” Marshal’s tone was barely louder than a whisper. “Probably not.”

“What if I let you see my tits, would that help?” Leigh asked. “I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me over the years. I know that look. Every woman knows that look.”

“It can’t hurt.”

Leigh looked down into the bed spread she was sitting on, and into the floor. “Honestly, I’ve always kind of wanted you too.”

“You have?” Marshal asked, a little excitement peaking through his voice. Leigh covered his mouth again.

“Just sit back and relax, enjoy the night.”

Leigh stood up in front of Marshal, she wore a white t-shirt, with a Bengals logo on the front of it, a dark blue pair of blue jeans, nothing fancy, but he knew this pair. They had entered his dreams many times, and some of his fantasies over the past year. They just fit her perfectly, and they made her butt look tight and firm. Her hair was dark brown, her eyes were green, and the way she wore her hair, it framed her face the way that he always loved to look at. She was tall, thinner than a lot of women, but had wide hips, and a little thickness in her thighs that made her jeans look as if they would bust open at any moment, but he always wanted to touch them.

Leigh bent down and gave Marshal a kiss on the lips, and slipped her tongue between his lips, opening her mouth slightly; he did the same. That kiss lasted but a moment; he could feel his nipples hardening again. She rested her hand on his thigh for a second, and when she did, he could feel his cock throb, a bulge growing again at her touch. As his cock got harder, he could feel the sensation in his nipples as well. He felt his heart beat in 3 places.

As Leigh came up for air, she reached down on each side of her shirt, and started to give a little tug. Marshal reached up, and slid his hands in between her hands, and the shirt. He gave it a soft grip at the bottom and slowly lifted. He enjoyed her stomach, the very one he had seen so many times at the pool, causing him to try not to stare, and when he did to try to hide it behind his sun glasses. He licked his lips, her stomach now barely more than the distance of his tongue away from him. He studied her abs, he enjoyed how toned around the edges they are, and how tanned she had become from spending time at the pool all summer in the sun. He continued to slide the shirt upward, slowly, soaking in each moment.

As the shirt reached the bottom of Leigh’s breasts, Marshal licked his lips again, unconsciously, he could see that she had not been wearing a bra. Her tits each stood, tight, and firm toward him. Each nipple was placed perfectly centered in her areolas, and they were shaped like a tear drop back up to her clavicles.

“Do you like them?” Leigh asked as Marshal slowed down. “My ex husband paid a lot of money for them, but I still get to enjoy them every time I take my shirt off.”

“They are fabulous,” Marshal said with a smile. He continued lifting Leigh’s shirt up, and once she raised her arms, he stood up and finished lifting the shirt. He cupped his hand over her breast, “Is this ok?”

“Yes it is, do you like how it feels?”

Marshal could only nod, this was the first fake tit he had ever had his hand on that he knew of. The thoughts that went through his mind made his bulge harden, he could feel the length of his manhood pressing down the leg of his jeans. Leigh pushed herself closer to him, and as she felt it against her thigh, she gave him a big smile.

“Tell me, do you like to suck on a woman’s nipple?”

Marshal slid down to his knees, and slipped his hands around to Leigh’s back, pulling her closer to him. He slid his lips along her left side, at the very top of her rib cage, leaving little kisses every couple of inches as he worked his way up. As he reached her tit, he licked and kissed, around her nipple. He opened his mouth, just a little bigger than necessary, which allowed her nipple to enter his lips, and he sucked gently. She placed her hands onto his head, pulled his hair, and forced his mouth to take more of her tit.

“Bite it,” Leigh finally said. Marshal did as told, and she moaned loudly. “Now do the same to the other one.”

Marshal adjusted how he was sitting on his knees and sucked the other nipple quickly into his mouth, feeling how long and hard it was. Within a few seconds he was now biting on it, and Leigh was pressing her jean covered pussy hard into Marshal’s chest, straddling his left nipple. As he kissed, he bit on her chest, and he started to slide his hand down her stomach. He let the smoothness of her skin just allow his fingers to glide all the way down to the waistline of her jeans. He started to follow his hands with his mouth, kissing down her stomach, around her belly button, and his lips puckering around the waistline of her jeans. Each kiss was deliberate and slow.

Leigh grabbed Marshal by the hair, and pushed him onto his back hitting the floor hard. She stood over him, and let him look up at her from below. His expression changed, the smile he had now one of wonderment. She put one foot on each side of his ribs. She looked down at him, between her breasts, and gave a smile. He smiled back.

Leigh unbuckled her jeans slowly, the button once unhooked, shooting to the sides. From below, Marshal watched the fabric separate. She then put her fingers on the zipper, she slid it down, on slow pair of teeth at a time. He could hear them, he could see the jeans separate just millimeters more. At the bottom of the run of teeth, her jeans appear to have relieved so much pressure, the button and hook hung to each side lazily.

“Should I be the first to undress for you?”

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