Mollie and Chris: Ch. 3

Mollie and Chris: Ch. 3

And They Sat

Mollie picked up her purse and followed the well-hung usher down the aisle and sat at the pew he pointed at for her. When he turned to point the head of his cock bounced off his thigh. Chris followed close behind her and sat down next to her.

“Wow!” Chris exclaimed into Mollie’s ear. “That usher has a huge cock.”

“It’s too big, everyone I know that’s slept with him complains about it.”

“Have you?”

Mollie gave Chris a blank stare for a moment. As she raised her eyebrow at him.

“Have I what?”

Chris looked at the usher in the church as he greeted another guest and gestured with his chin.

“Oh! No, I’ve never slept with him. I’ve just always wanted to.” Mollie smiled at the thought and turned back to Chris. “Wanna watch?” She placed her hand on his knee and then turned to the woman that sat in front of them.

Taken aback by this question, Chris sat and pondered what his response should be.

“Suzanne,” Mollie said as she tapped on the woman’s shoulder in front of her. “I didn’t see you earlier.”

“I was talking to Jen,” Suzanne stated. “She’s a little nervous that she won’t be the most beautiful woman in here, and it’s her wedding day.”

“Arlo wouldn’t trade her for a million of the most beautiful women. He loves her too much.”

Chris turned to the back of the church as the women talked. He saw the usher now escorted another couple down the aisle, and as they sat down, he looked at the woman’s face for the first time and realized that he knew her. She was his boss’s boss at work.


Kristine stood next to the pew across the aisle from Chris and Mollie. She talked to the usher for a long moment, each of them nodded their heads and as her husband sat down, she gave the usher a kiss on the cheek and a long hug. She put her purse down to her side and slid into the pew next to her husband.

“It’s nice to see that Arlo got James to be an Usher today,” Kristine said to her husband.

“It’s nice to see James again,” her husband remarked. “How long has it been since the two of you saw each other last?”

“At least 6 months, he’s been out of town for work. He didn’t tell me he would be in town for this, but he’s only here for the night and he didn’t think he’d have time after the reception to get together.”

Kristine looked around the room and smiled as she saw a few people she recognized. When she looked at Chris, there was a hint of familiarity.

“Do you know the guy with Mollie over there?”

“I do not, at least he’s embracing the day.”

At that moment, Chris looked over and smiled at them. They smiled friendly smiles back. He blushed and turned to Mollie who was still talking to Suzanne. 

“I’m sure I work with that guy. I think I need to talk about this with him.”

Chris snuck another glance over at Kristine, her dark brown hair flowed to each side of her face, framing it. This contrasted with the bun that she always wore to the office and took off a lot of hard edges from her normal look. He thought her eyes looked softer, and her smile seemed warmer when she smiled at him. He followed her hair down around her long neck, and down onto her chest where it ended an inch above her nipples. The large areolas making it up to her hair.

Kristine looked and saw Chris as he took another look at her. She saw that he almost studied her.

“I will have to talk to him before the end of tonight,” Kristine said to her husband, she covered her mouth with her hand.

The Music Plays

The music started to play in the church and the priest walked down the aisle. Everyone turns and watches as he makes his way down the aisle, dressed in traditional a traditional white priest robe, a scarf over his shoulders. As he crossed by Chris, Chris’s eyes met with Kristine’s eyes and she mouthed “talk to me later.” Chris nodded that he understood.

Arlo, who wore only a bow tie as he came down the aisle followed the priest. Arlo waved at a few people that he hadn’t seen earlier and walked at a decent pace. The best man, and Maid of Honor followed him. They moved quick enough for her chest to bounce, and they seemed as if rushed down the aisle by an invisible force. Both had cheeks that burned bright red. 

The music changed after a moment to Here Comes the Bride and everyone stood as expected to. Almost in unison, they turned to the back doors of the church.

Behind the doors, Jen let out a long exhale and put on her final smile. She nodded at the woman next to the door and the door opened. She saw so many people. Most of them she could recognize within a second, her best friends in the world. She saw Arlo standing next to the priest and his best man about 75 feet away. She placed her left foot in front of her right foot and walked down the aisle; she attempted to keep time with music as she walked.

With each row of pews Jen passed, the occupants turned forward. She wore a thin white veil over her face. She could hear the whispers as she passed from some about how beautiful she was. As she stood next to Arlo, he pulled her veil from her face, the tears of joy started and the ceremony went like so many other wedding ceremonies had gone before, just without clothes.

The ceremony closed, and the newly married couple walked down the aisle as husband and wife for the first time. Everyone stood and congratulated them. Several attendees clapped. Many more cheered. Everyone smiled at them, and the wedding party, as they left the back of the church.

The Next Song

As people started to stand up and mingle a little, Kristine made her way over to Chris.

“So,” Kristine started. “You know who I am. I could see the recognition on your face. I’m sure I’ve seen you around the office, but I can’t say we’ve ever talked.”

“I, uh,” Chris started. His voice got a little weak. “I work for Todd.”

“Shit,” Kristine said. “Obviously we need not let Todd know about this event.” 

“I don’t think it would do Todd any good to know this is how I spent my weekend either,” Chris said. “I’ve only been there for two weeks.”

“Come by my office on Monday and let me take you to lunch,” Kristine said. “I take all new employees to lunch anyway during their first few weeks. They just normally never see me naked.”

Chris couldn’t help but to look down out of shyness; his eyes confronted Kristine’s naked body. He could tell that she had done a lot of time at the gym, her stomach perfectly flat and toned, her legs muscular but not exaggerated. 

“Yes, I spend a lot of time working out, but not when you think I would. I have to attend a lot of conference calls, in my office is a yoga mat so I can do some push-ups, sit-ups, and squats while I listen to ugly, old men breathe into the phone. If you come by my office at the right time, you never know how you’ll see me dressed.”

Kristine lifted Chris’s head as she placed her fingers under his chin. “When you are talking to someone in person, always look them in the eye.” Her smile spread. “It’s very flattering that you are looking at my body.”

“Sorry ma’am,” Chris squeaked out.

“Have a little confidence,” Kristine said to him, “and you will have all the women you want. You are a good-looking man, and I think I’d like to see more of you soon. I’ll even teach you how to multi-task for long, boring meetings to get as much success as possible.”

“I look forward to being taught well,” Chris said. 

“Hi Kristine,” Mollie said, her smile spread across her face. “Are you trying to steal my man, again?” She laughed as she finished the question.

“Maybe, do you want to watch again?” With that, Kristine reached over and pulled Mollie in for a huge hug and a kiss on the lips. “Maybe I’ll just steal you from him.” She turned and walked away, her firm ass left for Chris and Mollie to enjoy as she walked away to her husband.

The #WickedWednesday prompt got me a little excited as I saw the first date for Mollie and Chris being a wedding they could attend. I’m truly falling in love with these two and can see them being a big part of future writing.

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Image by Couleur from Pixabay

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