A Bet Lost – Part 6

A Bet Lost – Part 6

Heather walked over to the door, never turning her back on Marshal, and slipped her long fingers around the door knob. She looked back at him, smiling.

“What are you thinking right now?” Heather asked.

“I’m wondering if, when you open that door, uh…” Marshal trailed off. “I’m wondering if I’m going to continue to be as hard as I am now, or if I am going to get shy when you do.”

“Ah, do you think your poor cock will try to hide from the mean scary girls?”

“Ha!” Marshal exclaimed. “I think, I think I’ll be OK. I mean, you love my cock, so of course every woman does.”

“I don’t think it’s your cock that has any of us interested tonight love.”

Heather turned the door knob, and both Leigh and Suzy were standing there waiting, both of them still topless. Suzy did a quick look around the room and saw that her bra was still on the floor, her shirt in a corner. Leigh didn’t even look down at the floor, she focused in on Marshal’s cock, and got a huge smile.

“It looks like someone is happy after their talk with their wife,” Leigh said. She started to move into the room, toward Marshal.

“I’m very happy with everything right now,” Marshal remarked. “My wife just made me a little happier about it all.”

Suzy entered the room, shuffling her feet, and walking slowly. She stared across the room at Marshal while she did, looking at his now very hard nipples, and occasionally looking down to see the head of his cock wave back and forth as he adjusted himself on the bed to see the girls a little better. She bit her bottom lip, and then looked up at his chest, and her upper lip retracted a little, showing her front teeth biting hard.

“Why don’t you sit up against the headboard Marshal?” Heather asked. “That way we can have some room to be on the bed as well.”

Marshal moved quickly to comply with Heather’s request. He scooted himself so that his back was against a pillow against the headboard. He watched all 3 women come across the room to the bed, he saw their smiles, he felt his heart beat in his nipples, and his cock at the same time.

Suzy was the first to sit on the bed, on Marshal’s right side, and she leaned into him, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and then snuggled up closer to him, angled her face directly into his as if she was going to kiss his lips.

“I know how many girls you’ve kissed today, you probably have some form of cooties that I’ll catch,” Suzy said laughingly.

“OMG!” Heather shrieked. “Boy cooties are the worst. Us girls have only good cooties.”

“Thank goodness, there is only half a boy in here then,” Leigh said. “And really, only the fun half of a boy.”

Suzy put her hand onto Marshal’s chest and gave him a more meaningful kiss. She pushed his head back into the headboard with mouth, each passing second, she became more forceful. She started to knead his tit in her hand, his excitement at the sensation causing ripples of joy to resonate throughout his body. His body shivered at her touch.

“See, that right there will get you a lot of cooties, Suzy,” Heather said. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

Heather sat down on Marshal’s left side, and leaned in to kiss her man. As she did, she placed her hand on Suzy’s, sliding her fingers in between Suzy’s fingers, and both of their fingertips scratching over Marshal’s tit, and around his nipple. As Heather kissed him, she slid her other hand around his back, making him arch his stomach forward a little.

Leigh watched from the foot of the bed, she watched her friends kiss on Marshal. She reached up and grabbed her right tit as she watched Suzy and Heather play with his. She pinched her nipple, letting a soft moan out. She closed her eyes for a moment and let the scene burn into her mind, then when she opened them, she watched Marshal’s cock wave in the air, between the bodies of her friends. She slipped onto the bed between them, between his legs, and then kissed his thighs. She let out a loud purr between each kiss on his legs.

“I think we have a cat in the room,” Heather said. Leigh stopped. in her tracks for a second.

“I purr when I’m turned on,” Leigh finally said, “I can’t help it even if I wanted to.”

“Well then, continue on,” Suzy said. Heather turned back in and gave Marshal another long kiss.

As Leigh approached Marshal’s balls, she flipped her tongue against his thigh, and then slowly licked all the way down his leg until she got to his knee. She performed the same steps back up the other thigh, and then back down. She repeated herself a few more times as Suzy and Heather took turns kissing Marshal.

A few minutes passed, and Leigh reached up, and grabbed Heather by the waistband on her jeans, pulling Heather toward her. Heather stretched her legs out onto the bed. Suzy saw Heather stretch her legs and did the same.

Marshal reached down and slid his fingers into Leigh’s hair, he grasped her behind her head, and then pulled her up the length of his body using her hair. She complied willingly, putting her hands carefully between Heather’s body and Marshal’s, and the other hand carefully between Suzy’s body and Marshal’s. She put her knees together between Marshal’s legs, and while on all fours, she kissed Marshal. Both Suzy and Heather slid a hand onto Leigh’s back. They both pushed Leigh into Marshal, there was very little air between the two of them as they were pushed together.

Another moment passed, Leigh pushed back from Marshal, and slid off the end of the bed, to stand back up at the foot.

“You poor naked man,” Leigh said, panting a little. “You are all out on display like that, and here we all our with our clothes on.” She paused for a second. “I bet at some point you would like to see a naked woman.” She smiled, and motioned for Suzy to come to her.

“What do you have in mind?” Suzy asked, clearly in the zone. She looked down Marshal’s body. She then looked over at Leigh, and the smile that she had said it all.

Leigh reached down and grabbed onto Suzy’s waistband, her leggings pulled away from her body, but she followed them, getting close to Leigh. Leigh looked down into the leggings in the short time that they were separated from her body, and her smile got bigger.

“Well, that’s a surprise,” Leigh said. “I would never have expected that.”

“What are you talking about?” Suzy asked. A second passed, “oh, yeah, that.”

“I never expected you to be the tattoo type.”

“It’s my only one.”

Leigh licked her lips. She leaned into Suzy and gave her a kiss. She kept her hands on Suzy’s waistband, and she was rolling them down a little at a time. Marshal looked at the scene occurring in front of him. Every part of his body was full of excitement. After their kiss, Leigh kissed on Suzy’s neck, her right hand, the one closest to Marshal, went flat against Suzy’s stomach, and started to playfully tickle it’s way up Suzy’s body.

Heather slipped her fingers down to Marshal’s stomach, and with the tips of her nails, she started to tickle at Marshal’s stomach. She left light trails from where the nails scratched at his skin. She kissed on his neck, and then down his clavicle, and onto his cleavage. Leigh did the same to Suzy.

“Does that feel different than when I do it normally?” Heather asked Marshal.

“I feel so much more sensitive than I have ever felt before,” Marshal answered. “I can’t believe how this feels as you kiss on me. I can’t explain it, but…” He was interrupted as Heather slipped his nipple into her mouth, and sucked hard. He could see that Leigh had done the same to Suzy.

“Do you like that?” Leigh asked Suzy as she came up for air.

“Yes,” Suzy said, “now be harder.”

Leigh slapped Suzy’s other tit, and then bit the nipple she was just sucking on. Heather repeated the actions on Marshal.

“Fuck yes,” Suzy said.

“Holy shit,” Marshal said. A second passed, a kiss on his nipple, and he let out a loud moan that anyone in the house would have heard. Heather put her hand around Marshal’s cock and gave it a slow pull. Leigh put her hand into Suzy’s leggings and slipped her fingers down her mound.

The room was filled with panting from all 4, the sounds of kisses, and sucks filling the room, moans from both Marshal and Suzy. The encouraging moans from Leigh and Heather as they had their mouths on the skin of the one they were with. A few seconds passed and Leigh reached pulled her hand out of Suzy’s leggings, and with both hands, she pulled Suzy’s pants down to her knees. Heather and Marshal both looked down just in time to watch.

“I love that landing strip,” Leigh said, looking down at Suzy’s now exposed pussy. “If only I had known that sooner.”

Heather stared down over the foot of the bed, and saw Suzy standing naked and exposed, in front of Leigh. Her pussy was kept with a nice, thin landing strip, straight up from her clit, for a few inches.

“OMG,” Heather shrieked. “That’s so fucking cute, when did you do that?”

“I’ve had Mickey for a couple of years now,” Suzy said shyly. “It was a drunken bet in Vegas when I got it, but now I love it.”

Suzy leaned back, and stretched the skin above her bush, and showed everyone Mickey Mouse. Mickey was pushing a lawn mower across the top of Suzy’s landing strip, with one hand up, waving at anyone looking at him.

“That might be my favorite Mickey that I’ve ever seen,” Heather said, shifting on the bed, and heading toward the now very naked Suzy.



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