Nadine: ch. 3

Nadine: ch. 3

The Windows Have Eyes

Mick looked back over his shoulder and saw Nadine walk into the house. She glanced over her shoulder at him and their eyes caught. She blushed and went inside; she slid the glass door behind her and hurried into her room.

“Dammit Mick, why did you have to press so hard?” Mick asked himself quietly. His smile faded from his face and he sat back down in the chair, lifted his glass of wine and finished it.

Nadine walked through the house slowly. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Mick sit down. Her bedroom seemed like a safe place to get some solace away from the events that had occurred. She pulled her bedroom door and let it swing closed behind her. It sat unlatched, a small crack up the length of the doorframe.

The reflection of Nadine in the window showed that she was still blushing. Her eyes dropped slightly.

“What have you done Nadine?” She asked herself. “He’s a friend of Aiden’s and this won’t end well.” She stared into the window for a moment. She saw herself clothed, flushed, and she felt how turned on her body was. She closed her eyes. She let herself slip into her own thoughts. She felt her nipples, the long, erect nipple pressing into her bra, the pressure of the bra pushed back; it attempted to keep the nipple in place. She consciously allowed herself to think about her pussy.

“Damn, I can feel how wet that made me,” Nadine whispered, barely audible. She continued in an even more hushed tone. “I can still feel his lips on my neck. I want to rush out there right now.” Her voice trailed off.

The lights in the room shone from behind Nadine, but Mick could look back over the top of the chair and see that she where she stood. He watched her place her hands on the window, first her left, then her right. She pressed against the glass; she appeared to lean with more of her body weight each moment. Her right hand slid off of the window, the flat palm melted from the glass and slipped down to her waist. 

Nadine thought about how Mick’s lips felt on her earlobe. How he caused her to lose control. 

“Did I drink too much wine tonight?” Nadine pondered the question for a moment and then shook her head.

Their eyes met when Nadine opened hers. Mick smiled at her, Nadine smiled back. He lifted his phone and clicked the power button and waved it at her. He quickly typed out a message and hit send.

Truth or Dare?

Nadine pulled her phone out of her pocket and smiled at the message. Her body went flush again.

Truth… I can’t handle another dare right now.

Mick put his finger on his chin, Nadine thought he would never start typing. When he did, the message went into his phone quick. She could feel her body tense a little. She had become anxious about this text. When her phone buzzed, she nervously pulled it up in front of her.

Did you get scared?

Nadine clicked into the reply box. And typed out a quick message.

I did, I haven’t had another man turn me on like that in years other than Aiden. It scared me. I was enjoying it so much. I’m scared because I want more. Now, Truth or Dare?

Mick read the reply and raised his hand, making the thumbs up sign. He understood. Now he had confirmed so many thoughts.

Dare… I feel very daring tonight.

Nadine sat with the thought in her head. She couldn’t believe he dared her again. She was now in her room because she dared him. 

“There is about 10 feet and some glass separating us.” Nadine justified out loud.

Stand up, dance, and take your shirt off for me.

Mick read his phone. He looked up at Nadine. He looked back down at his phone and typed a quick message.

Can you at least turn on some music?

Nadine picked up her phone, saw the request and went to the Music app, turned on the song Pony by Ginuwine, laughed at herself because she just watched Magic Mike, and tapped on the glass. The music started a few seconds later.

Mick stood up, looked at Nadine. He gyrated his hips; he lifted his arms and shook them a little. Somewhere during the song, he took his shirt off; he threw it over the back of the chair he sat in. He tripped over his own feet, drunk from all the wine that passed his lips. The song finished, and he smiled at her. She now stood in the window and smiled at him. His pecks gleamed with a little sweat in the light.

Did I do ok? I thought I would fall off the deck a few times.

Nadine picked up her phone and responded.

You did great. I’ll take a dare.

Mick smiled at her text; he grabbed his shirt and wiped the sweat from his chest.

I think it’s time you bare it all, up there in the window as you are. Show me and everyone that can see that window what you have going on.

Nadine looked at the text. She looked down at Mick and then back at the text. Her face wrought with anxiety about her thoughts. She looked back down at her phone and typed a quick message.

If I do this, we can’t take it back. Are you sure that’s what you want?

Mick looked back up to Nadine. He nodded his head and started to spin his hands over each other. He put his fingers up and waved her on. She nodded, sighed and picked up her phone to look for a good song to dance to. 

The speakers came to life again, Havana came out, playing nice and loudly. Nadine started to move her body a little to the song. She quickly got into the rhythm, her hips swaying at each of the beats at the correct time. Mick noted how well she moved, how she nailed every note once she got started. 

Nadine pulled her blouse up over her head, then she swung it over her head and threw it over to the bed. Her breasts, covered in a lacy black bra didn’t need a lot of light to see that they were large. She reached down between her tits and opened the clasp of the bra; the cups popping open to each side, allowing each breast to fall down, the weight that was so well hidden, now obvious even from being back-lit in the room. She danced, and turned, throwing the bra onto the bed next to her shirt.

Nadine swayed her hips, ran her hands down her sides, emphasizing each movement to get Mick’s attention focused onto the fact that her hands had moved lower. As each hip swayed, it got a little higher, her hand pushed each side of her shorts down a little lower. Her belly button showed over the top of the shorts. A few seconds later, her red panties started to come into view. She turned away from Mick, away from the window and slowly worked her shorts down over her ass, until they fell onto the floor, between her legs, in a pile. She stepped forward a step and out of her shorts. She danced with her back to Mick for thirty seconds, her panty clad ass swayed to the music and she appeared to have forgotten where she was.

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