Nadine: ch. 1

Nadine: ch. 1

The Invitation

The red light of the sunset left streaks across the sky. The first hints of the sunset and dusk sinking in. The little house on the west coast allowed the three inhabitants to watch the sun slowly set over the horizon, into the ocean, as they eat their dinner and enjoy a few drinks.

Mick had traveled up north for vacation, to visit his friend Aiden and spend a few days in Canada to see some sights that the countryside offer. Their small talk began switching to things other than his travel north. Nadine began clearing the table of the dishes and refilling everyone’s wine glass.

“I should visit you more often,” Mick said. “This is a beautiful sunset. I can’t imagine a better view of the sunset than at this table in this house.”

“It’s not the best view in the house,” Aiden said to his friend. “The bedroom has a glass wall and this time of day is beautiful in there.” He laughed at himself and got a broad grin.

“Why would you tell him that?” Nadine shot at her husband. She twisted her face at him before allowing herself to grin.

“Anyway, we always enjoy when you come up,” Aiden said. The 2 men had met on the internet and become good friends over the past few years. They often talked about sports, cars, and women while they were online chatting. Even the separation of a country and 5000 miles had brought Mick to town when Aiden and Nadine got married.

“So, to change the subject for a minute,” Mick said. “What did you think about the Raptors winning the championship?”

“He was very excited,” Nadine quipped prior to Aiden being able to open his mouth and speak. “The minute the game ended, he started shouting. I thought he would wake the dead.”

“That would be funny,” Aiden said. “I wonder how many people I could have gotten to wake up. It’s not like our closest neighbors are very close.”

“He even took me out the next night for an expensive dinner,” Nadine said. “Something he doesn’t do often enough.”

“You should definitely get more expensive dinners,” Mick says. “Why don’t you take her to more nice dinners? You should show off your beautiful bride.”

“Ha!” Nadine’s cheeks starting to blush. “You’re just being nice because you are our guest.”

“Whatever you believe.”

The cell phone in the office rings. Aiden looks at Mick and Nadine and excuses himself from the table.

“I bet it’s work calling again to tell me they need me to do something,” Aiden sighs loudly.

“It’s the nightly crisis,” Nadine says, looking to Mick apologetically.

Aiden’s voice was raising, overheard by both Nadine and Mick. They look at each other, each blushing a little as their eyes meet. They turn and look out the window at the sunset.

“I’m on my way in,” Aiden says to the caller. Nadine smiles at Mick. “I’m walking out the door in 1 minute.”

“So, what should we do now?” Mick asks Nadine. He eyes the lounge chairs sitting by the railing of the deck.

“Would you fancy going to sit out back?” Nadine asked.

“Are you going to come with me? I can use the company.”

Nadine looked at Mick, blushing.

“Maybe it’s the wine talking, but only if you promise to keep flirting.”

“Do you like it when men flirt with you?”

“I like it when you flirt with me.” Nadine emphasized the word you as the statement rolled out of her mouth.

This last statement caused Mick to blush. He looked at Nadine and smiled, his mouth spread wide, his lips spread into a grin. She thought about the Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Wonderland stories.

“Maybe you’ll tell me what you are thinking if we sit there long enough.” Nadine smiled.

“I’m just wondering what Aiden would think,” Mick said.

Nadine stood from the table and grabbed the plates that sat on the table, carefully stacking the silverware on top of them.

“Why don’t you head outside and I’ll put these in the sink.”

“Hey guys, I need to head to the office, I’ll be back in an hour or two.” Aiden said as he rushed into the room. “I need to get people straightened out.”

Nadine smiled at him. “I hope it goes well, I have faith that you can get it solved.”

“Good luck, hopefully it’s an easy problem and you get it solved quickly,” Mick said. 

“Thanks, I’ll be back,” Aiden said. He grabbed his gear, his car keys, and headed out to his car. He closed the door behind him in a hurry.

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