All About Perspective

All About Perspective

I’ve been having a lot of fun the last few weeks with the various meme prompts that I find, and this week was not any different, the Wicked Wednesday prompt made me think a little bit, and then I realized that I had already written the longer form version of this, but it might be fun to get these characters out of the toy box again and play with them, so to speak. So… Without further ado:


This prompt is another suggestion by Molly:

A vignette is “a brief evocative description, account, or episode” – a bit like a very short story but sometimes they can be a series of vignettes that are somehow related. Maybe they tell the same moment from different peoples perspective or maybe they are a series of short pieces that all relate to the same topic or subject. So your task this week is to write a series of vignettes, how they link, well that is up to you.

– Rob –

“Oh My God Baby!” Jen exclaimed so loudly, she was sure that Rob’s neighbors had heard her.

“Was it that good?” Rob asked. He smiled, confident because he already knew the answer; he thought to himself that there was no way that Jen couldn’t have enjoyed every second of that experience. He rolled over onto the bed beside her, his now limp, wet cock flopped against her leg, and she smiled at him as he placed his hand on her chest, and cupped her tit, letting it fill his hand. She rolled over and pushed her ass against him, and he moaned a little as he felt his dick slide between her ass cheeks.

“Oh baby, you know it was,” Jen said in response. She grabbed his hand from her chest and placed it on the middle of her stomach.

“I love you baby,” Rob said, his hand ambled around Jen’s stomach as he fell asleep.

“I love you too,” Jen said, as the last thing Rob heard before she heard him snoring in her ear.

– Jen –

“Oh My God Baby!” Jen exclaimed loudly, the annoyance in her voice seemed obvious to her in her head. She couldn’t believe Rob had already cum after a minute. 

“Was it that good?” Rob asked. Jen rolled over and thrust her ass into his crotch, she didn’t want him to her face and her disappointment because then he’d spend the next hour apologizing and she didn’t want that.

“Oh baby, you know it was,” Jen said, the sarcasm dripping in the words as she said them. She scooted up Rob’s body a little, and placed his hand on her stomach, hoping that he would get the hint to reach down and play with her clit a little more. 

“I love you baby,” Rob said.

“I love you too,” Jen said. As Rob fell asleep in her ear, she rolled onto her back, and spread her legs to play with her pussy, she quickly got herself to orgasm twice. “See, it doesn’t take that much.” Her words were in vain as she looked at Rob’s face, his mouth half open while he slept.

– Mac –

The camera on the computer that Rob used for teleconferences came in very handy for Mac, he had hacked into the computer some months ago, and he often watched the two of them have sex. As he ate popcorn, and watched the events above through the webcam, he laughed to himself.

“I should really send this video to him so he can see that she always has to please herself,” Rob said to the monitors in front of him. “Maybe he’d figure out she likes if I do.”

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7 thoughts on “All About Perspective

      1. I always love how stories seem to become stronger when you edit it to less words, and only leave the essentials there. That, of course, cannot be said for all stories 😉

        Rebel xox


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