Poker Face – Wicked Wednesday

Poker Face – Wicked Wednesday

I decided to play along after seeing the Wicked Wednesday on another bloggers page. Thank you Kat Kinx (

As Rebel explains:

So, the prompt…

Use a title of a song as your prompt and title of your piece.

It’s as easy as that. You can use any song you want… and your piece can be erotica, something about the song, an image… anything YOU want!

The dealer dealt 3 pairs of cards face down onto the table. Each pair of cards waiting for the next 5 cards that would follow; to answer the question to the players of who would be around for another hand, and who would end up stripped of their pride, and their clothing. Six players had started the game that night, but 3 were already sitting on the sidelines, all of their clothes in a pile next to the table. The three players left, Jen, Rob, and Joe, between them had exactly 1 pair of panties, 2 pairs of boxers, and a t-shirt.

As the last card of the 6 got dealt, the dealer put the rest of the deck face down on the table. Jen stared over the table at Rob and Joe, both of which had much more money in front of them than she did, and attempted to read their faces while she waited for them both to look at their cards for the first time. 

Joe slipped the corner of the cards up, looked across the table, at the big blind, and then decided to call the $50. His attempt not to smile caused the corners of his lips to go up a little.

As Joe’s money went into the pot, Rob immediately followed suit putting in the $25 as the small blind. He didn’t even look at his cards. Jen watched the action, and attempted to keep her poker face from letting the men know that she was worried.

Jen looked down at her blind. Then she looked at the back of her cards. There was nothing she could do at this point, she was committed with the $50 in the pot, and another $50 in front of her, the anxiety grew on what could happen. She tapped the table to check.

The dealer nodded, and put the top card face down onto the table, before flipping over the flop and letting the players now decide how they wanted to handle their hands. The Queen of Spades, the 7 of Hearts, and the 4 of Hearts were now on the table, as the first 3 community cards. Rob easily decided to check without looking at his cards, Jen followed suit. She watched as Joe looked at the cards on the table and at the money sitting in front of him. She knew there was more than enough to take her out of the game in a single hand if he went all in.

Joe, however, didn’t even look at his cards, instead he stared at Jen. He attempted to show the strength and confidence he had, as he started to pull money from his stack. 

“I bet $50,” Joe said, he knew that would take the cash out of Jen’s hand, and make her put her last article of clothing up as collateral if the game went any further.  Rob quickly threw his hand into the discard pile.

Jen looked at the money that sat in front of her; she looked at each of her opponents. Joe looked back at her and stared deep into her eyes. She thought this might be her lucky night as he tried too hard to sell her on the great hand he had.

Jen kept her poker face on, and lifted the corner of her cards. If she pushed all of the money she had in front of her in, and lost, she would only have a couple of hands before being pushed out of the game. Her panties would go to Joe as the one that took them, and she would never live it down. Her cards, the 7 of Diamonds, and the 4 of Spades gave her 2 pair, and she determined that was probably as good a hand as she would get.

Jen looked at her hand again, and at the cards on the table. She felt she could win, and she knew that her total betting pool was $150, she hoped it was enough to scare Joe away as he would probably lose the t-shirt in the process. She thought for another minute, and finally said, “I’m all in.”

Joe leaned his chair back. He didn’t expect this twist, but he quickly smiled and looked at Jen again. “Do you have a flush draw?” No reaction from Jen. “You could have a straight draw, or two pair?” She tried to keep from reacting; she just stared at the dealer, without moving.

“I wonder what you could be hiding,” Joe said. “Both those cards, and in those panties. I bet you wax, I don’t see you as someone who shaves.” He obviously was trying to get a rise out of her. “If I call, and win, I guess we all get to find out.”

The dealer looked at Jen; Joe stared at her, trying to get a read out of the cards that she has. The dealer then looked at Joe and waited for a decision.

“I call,” Joe finally said. “I think you’ve got 2 pair, and you wax.”

Jen hated that son of a bitch at that moment, he was right on both counts.

Joe flipped his cards over, and he had 2 hearts in his hand, the 3 and the 6, as he chased a flush. “I feel good that the cards have a heart for me.”

Jen ran through all of the potential outs that existed; she flipped her cards slowly, she loved to let the drama linger at times. Joe had to get a heart without her getting a 4 or a 7. If she got a 4 or a 7, he would only have the 5 of Hearts to save him.

The dealer looked at all of the money to make sure it was right, and threw a chip over to Jen to show that she was going to lose an article of clothing if she lost the hand. He then flipped the next card for the turn, and it was the 4 of Clubs. Jen’s smile got big. Jen’s hand just became a Full House.

“You’ve only got one card that can beat me in that whole deck now,” she taunted. “Maybe it will be a few more hands before you find out if I wax, shave, or if I have reverted back to the 70s.”

“It’s not over yet, that 5 of Hearts can still come up, and when it does, I’m going to wear those panties on my head during my victory dance.”

“I might be willing to pay to see that,” Jen’s smile broadened. “I’ve been over here sweating like a whore in church for the last few hands.”

The dealer shook his head, and proceeded to turn the river card over onto the table.

Jen shook her head. Joe stood, in obvious disbelief. The moment passed, his grin widened, his eyes opened big. He looked evil as if he had just performed a cheat to achieve the result. The 5 of Hearts was sitting there, he had just gotten his first Straigh Flush ever, and he looked at Jen with surprise and delight.

“Take them off,” Joe said. “Take them off, and hand them here. We all want to see that big 70s bush you have going.”

It turns out, Jen waxed.

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