Avengers Endgame Trailer

First of all, if you haven’t seen it, it’s on YouTube, and it’s right below this paragraph, make sure that you watch it (at least once) before you read this. Otherwise, I’ll spoil (is that possible) the trailer for you; that will make me feel bad, so just go watch it.

The overall impression of this trailer, for those that only skim the top few lines, is that this trailer is phenomenal. Wow! I’ve watched it about a dozen times now; I’m looking forward to seeing more of what they were able to make. Whatever they spent, they are just going to make all of the money when this is released.

With Tony floating through space in, I assume the ship from the Guardians of the Galaxy, in a vain attempt to get back to Earth, we can tell that he is basically making a video of his last words. I guess he thinks that possibly someday they will get back to Pepper and she will know his love for her. The feeling of his despair throughout the full first minute of this trailer is completely overwhelming. It was hard to watch the character that started all of the Marvel joy I have had over the years, so resigned to just give up and accept that this time he cannot make it better. That was a rough minute.

The next scene of the trailer starts by showing a cross, wearing the armor that we have seen Thanos in for so many years. The Infinity Gauntlet still on his hand as he walked away. I can’t wait to find out what it all means, but it’s such a dramatic take away that it’s hard to contain my excitement about everything that is coming.

The score of this trailer, as the transition into the Avenger’s Headquarters starts, and the sound of Black Widow over the top of the ominous music, her voice just dripping with emotion. It felt like she was on the edge of crying as she spoke. As each of the remaining Avengers were shown, seeing the tear rolling from Cap’s eye, and Bruce Banner dropping his head into his hands in frustration, sorrow, and probably many more subtle emotions, then showing Thor who has lost everyone he was close to at this point.

Was it strange that at this point, I noticed that Cap had shaved the beard? It’s probably weird, that’s OK. Later in the trailer they show him in the black Captain America suit he had on in Infinity War.

What the hell happened to Hawkeye? This is part of the story that I am looking forward to seeing. He looked crazed. What was up with the sword? Why did he run it across his arm? Where is his bow? Did it dissolve when Thanos snapped his fingers? So many questions, and none of them have any answers here.

Speaking of questions with no answers given, which makes for a great trailer. Watching Cap look at the picture of Agent Carter, in the locket, makes me wonder what he is going to be fighting for. The exchange between Cap and Black Widow sent chills down my spine, each word in that exchange was perfect.

This is going to work Steve. – Black Widow

I know it is. Cause I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t. – Captain America

I had to choke down some weird desire to both cry and cheer each time I watched the trailer at this point. I’m an emotional wreck after watching this and I so can’t wait for this to finally happen.

Thankfully, so that everyone doesn’t go and become suicidal messes, there are 15 seconds at the end of this trailer that bring us back to a mildly entertaining, and almost comedic ending. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) showing up at the gates of the Avenger’s HQ and bringing some levity back to the situation is needed. 


Is this trailer full of spoilers that could possibly ruin the movie; no. I don’t think we see any characters that we don’t know are alive at the end of Infinity War.

Does it leave some unanswered questions; of course it does, there are going to be 2 hours (or more) of movie released in the spring. Not that I ever want to promote time going by more quickly, but I am looking forward to spring getting here to go to the theaters and just have them take my money.

Am I going to see this movie? Hell yeah, I know I will, at least twice.

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