Thank You

I’ve been sitting down lately, trying to work out some plot details of a few stories and I keep coming back to wanting to work on the “Taken by Technology” series that I started last year. As someone who absolutely loves technology, and is involved in technology on a daily basis (you wouldn’t believe my job if I told you, so I won’t), it’s a passion, an interest, and something that I know something about.

I went back after finishing “A Bet Lost” and read the chapters that I had published so far, and the chapters that I have sitting and waiting for some editing. I know, now, that I want to reboot it from the start, and write it from chapter 1, and make it into a series of short and long stories that I can write on for awhile.

In talking to people lately, I was asked a couple of times why I enjoy writing. The answer is pretty simple, my day job is pretty intense, and the realities of what I do from hour to hour throughout my work day keeps me very focused on reality; the potential issues that exist for all of us when it comes to cyber security. The story I really want to write, is going to bring out a lot of the real possibilities of what impacts our security, and our privacy online, with an element of not quite yet possible, but something that can likely happen in the next few years. Of course, I’m also an erotica writer, so there will be plenty of sex in them too.

All of that is to say, I value everyone that has read anything I’ve written, and I know that the first couple of chapters will probably have a little bit of overlap to things that they have read on my blog in the past, I apologize ahead of time if it is too repetitive, but I hope to be able to put in some new, and interesting elements into the chapters that exist as a re-write, and then move into a lot of new and fun chapters as we go back, visit Mac, Jen, and Rob to figure out where the story for the three of them go. It will also be fun to bring in new story elements, and really dig deep into those characters, striating as a new story in the near future, with a goal to publish a chapter or so per week.

Thank You All for your time, and for those of you that have shared it, the enjoyment that you get from my silly little stories…

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