A Bet Lost – Part 10

A Bet Lost – Part 10

“Fuck bitch,” Leigh said after she had caught her breath. “I’m guessing you came, or got run over by a truck.”

Everyone in the room laughed, Suzy lay herself against Heather’s back, she worked on catching her breath, her body twitched and she bucked forward from time to time. Her hips, still astride Marshal, he gently slipped himself deeper into her, she closed her eyes, and pressed herself harder into Heather’s back.

Heather, pressed forward and leaned into Leigh. She put her hands down, and grabbed Marshal’s tits, giving each of them a pinch between her fingers as she did. She could feel Suzy get pushed into her. She could feel Marshal’s hips rise and fall a little as he worked to press his cock deeper into Suzy. She smiled, and pinched harder.

“That wasn’t nice,” Marshal finally said. “It kind of hurts.” 

Heather laughed. “That’s what you get for making Suzy scream in my ear like that, and then trying to make it happen some more.”

“I bet he won’t say anything now,” Leigh said. She sat upright and placed her ass over Marshal’s mouth. 

Heather pinched Marshal’s nipples harder; the sounds that exited his lips definitely were not intelligible by anyone, which caused laughter. Suzy regained her composure and slid herself off of Marshal’s cock, and worked her pussy down his leg, until she straddled his knee. She grabbed Heather around her hips and pulled her backward a little bit. His cock touched her ass, and she jumped up.

“Nope, can’t do it,” Heather said.

“What?” Suzy asked.

“I can’t fuck my husband right after he fucked someone else.”

“Get out of the way,” Leigh said. She smiled broadly, all of her teeth showing through her lips as she spoke. “I’ll take care of him.”

Heather lifted herself up over Marshal’s cock and carefully lifted her leg so that she could unmount from him. Her hands came off of his chest, as she watched Leigh start to work her hands down Marshal’s body, they worked his chest for a little bit, each hand rubbed a tit, pinched each of his nipples. She would occasionally lift her ass up from his mouth, let him get a breath out, and upon making any noise, she would drop it back down on his mouth. She watched his cock dance with each pinch of his nipple, with each stroke of her hand over his chest.

Leigh worked her way down Marshal’s stomach, massaging his abs. She finally bent all the way down, and started to kiss around his cock and balls, she grabbed his dick and gave it long slow strokes while she bent down further. She slipped his cock into her mouth, a soft purr heard in the room as she took him in. She stroked the base of his shaft with her hand, her mouth worked at the head, and worked its way down the shaft. She took him deeper. 

Heather and Suzy stopped watching and walked over to the sides of the bed again, they slid their hands between Leigh and Marshal, grabbing his breasts and massaging them. They each played with his chest.

“When was the last time you had three women all over your naked body Marshal?” Suzy asked.

“The answer had better be never before,” Heather said. “At least if he ever wants anything like this again.”

Marshal closed his eyes. “Never had anything like today before, on so many levels.” His voice rose as he finished the sentence, Leigh had taken in almost all of his cock into her mouth.

“Tonight, you’ll be thinking of the three of us again,” Suzy said. “You’ll be thinking about how much you enjoyed seeing the three of us naked, standing next to each other. How Leigh sucked your cock until you came. You’ll be thinking about me pressed against your wife. And you’ll definitely be thinking about watching your wife kiss a woman, getting spanked by a woman, and wondering if it will ever happen again.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum,” Marshal said. He reached up and tapped Leigh on the back. She did not stop, instead she slid her mouth farther down his shaft. He thrust himself up into her mouth, his cock exploding deep. 

“And you’ll thank Heather for letting you have this experience,” Suzy said. “You’ll treat her like the saint that she is.”

As Marshal stopped, and his body went slack. His breathing was hard, and fast. Leigh pulled off of him. She looked at the other 2 ladies in the room and smiled. Heather reached up and wiped the corner of her mouth. They smiled at each other. All 3 looked down and watched as Marshal’s cock deflated to a state where it was once again limp. His breath slowed and became quieter with each passing moment. Leigh slid herself off of him, and all 3 women stood up next to each other.

“Well,” Marshal finally said. “I know I feel better.” 

“Oh My God!” Heather exclaimed. “I don’t think anyone needed to guess that you felt better. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was a given.”

“The evidence that you felt better was all over Leigh’s mouth,” Suzy laughed her words out.

Everyone laughed together. As Marshal sat up, Heather looked over at him, and started to smile. She pointed at his chest, and he grabbed his breasts. The 4 of them watched as Marshal lost his tits, and his chest started to deflate.

“I guess,” Heather said, she stared at the mountain of clothing that lay on the floor, “we should probably figure out who’s panties to put on Marshal now.”

“If he grows a pussy, I’m coming back,” Suzy said.

“Me too,” Leigh said.

As Heather started to sort through the pile of clothing, she started throwing clothes at the rightful owner. She found Leigh’s panties first, and threw them onto Marshal’s cock. 

“I wonder what will happen now,” Heather said joyfully. As she kept digging, she found her panties and Suzy’s panties, and threw them onto Marshal’s cock as well. 

A few moments passed, Marshal grabbed all three pair and moved them over to his side.

“As much as I want to try that,” Marshal said. “I think I need a few minutes before I’m ready for that. I might even need a few days.” He smiled. Heather, Leigh, and Suzy smiled.

Over the next few minutes, Marshal’s chest went back to normal, and the hair started to come back to covering him like it had for so many years before this. The foursome dressed quietly.

Suzy picked up the bra that started the evening. 

“What should we do with this?” Suzy asked.

“What do you think we should do?” Marshal asked.

“I think you should keep it, wear it again sometime, and who knows, I think Heather may enjoy playing with your tits.”

“Ha!” Heather scoffed. “I’m going to have him put on the matching panties and we’ll see if we can make him my bitch.”

“So wrong,” Marshal shook his head at his wife. “I can’t believe you would suggest such a thing.”

“I think it sounds like a great idea,” Leigh chimed in.

“There’s no way I leave this room without the three of you trying to turn me completely into a woman, is there?”

“What?” Suzy said. “You don’t want to experience having a cock deep inside you, and feeling how good it feels to have your pussy eaten, your clit licked?”

“Not today,” Marshal said. “Today, I’m just happy that my chest is going back to normal, and that tomorrow I can wear a normal work shirt.”

They finished getting dressed, and Marshal and heather walked the ladies to the front door of the house. The four parted company, everyone smiled at each other, and gave long hugs. As Suzy left, she gave each of the three of them a kiss. Leigh did the same, and then the pair walked out to their cars. Marshal and Heather stood at the door and watched. 

As the cars pulled away, Heather looked at Marshal, smiled, and closed the front door.

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