A Bet Lost – Part 7

A Bet Lost – Part 7

Heather leaned forward over her body on the bed, until she was able to put her hands down in front of her, and slip forward over her legs onto her knees, letting her feet fall behind her. She shifted so that she covered Marshal’s leg with her body, leaning down low onto his leg, slowly pulling her chest over his knee, letting his shin slip between her breasts, her legs straddled his thigh. Her tongue was out against her lips, she licked them, and then sucked them in to cover her teeth and bite them. Marshal put his hand on her ass, and gave it a light, playful spank.

“Wow, that is one hot ass. Why does it have so many clothes on?” Marshal got a quick glance from Heather over her shoulder, but she went back to her fascination with the exposed tattoo. She kept crawling across his leg, until she was face to chest with Suzy. She raised her arms, and placed her hands on Suzy’s shoulders, and straddled Marshal’s shin, making sure to press all of her weight down onto it.

In a sultry voice, barely louder than a whisper, Heather spoke into Suzy’s ear, “I want to hear the story of how you went to Vegas and ended up with a Mickey Mouse tattoo over your pussy.”

“Right now?” Suzy asked.

“Right now,” Heather demanded.

“I think that might be a story for another time,” Leigh said. “I want to hear it, but right now, I think we should probably work on getting you naked.” She pointed at Heather, and then mocked stripping her shirt off.

“If you want me naked, you should probably get there first,” Heather said. “Besides, Marshal has seen me naked a million times, he’s much more interested in seeing my friends naked.” She looked over her shoulder at Marshal as she said that, as he nodded in agreement, she giggled. “See.”

Suzy reached over to Leigh, and undid the button that held her jeans together. She looked up at Marshal, and slowly undid the zipper of the jeans, letting them peel apart slowly. Leigh had on a pair of black lace panties, with a yellow bow on the front of them. As Suzy started to slide the jeans down, it was obvious that the thong that she was wearing was all lace, and her cheeks showed nicely in the light of the room.

“Really, lace panties with a bow?” Heather said. “What did you think was going to happen today?” She smirked, arching a perfectly manicured eyebrow.

“Well,” Leigh started. “When you sent the picture of Marshal doing stuff around the house this morning in his bra, I wanted to wear something that made me feel sexy. I thought that might make sitting around the living room more interesting.” She faded off for a moment. “I didn’t have any idea that this was going to happen.”

“You sent what?” Marshal exclaimed.

“Leigh!” Heather said. “You weren’t supposed to let him know that I sent you that.”

“Who all did you send a picture of me in a bra to?” Marshal demanded.

“Just the girls, Suzy, Leigh, and Jen,” Heather said.

“So, there are pictures of me out there in a bra,” Marshal said.

“Yes, but I trust them.”

“Why would you do that, and why would think it was ok?” Marshal asked.

Leigh stepped in between Heather and Suzy, putting her hands around Heather’s back, she stuck her tongue deep into Heather’s mouth, and the room got silent. Suzy and Marshal both just watched as Heather’s arms first went straight out to her sides, and then started to work their way up to the side of Leigh’s head. The two turned into each other, their heads now cocked to each side to allow them to breath as they kissed. Heather placed both of her hands on the sides of Leigh’s neck, and she pulled her in deeper.

Marshal involuntarily reached down and grabbed his cock, now rock hard again. As Suzy stood behind Leigh, she pushed Leigh’s jeans the rest of the way open, sliding them down over her ass, and then down her thighs, squatting down to let them fall onto the floor around Leigh’s ankles. Leigh and Heather started to come up for air, Suzy stood back up, moved in to give Heather a similar kiss, and pushed Leigh out of the way. Both girls moaned as they kissed, the sounds of lips pressing together filled the air, and when they separated, the reluctance was audible. Leigh sat on the bed, she watched the two of them kiss.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Suzy said to Heather softly. “And you are as good a kisser as I had imagined.” She still breathed heavily, trying to recover her breath.

“Thank you,” Heather responded in a similar tone. “That was awesome. I forgot what we were doing.”

Suzy turned and pushed Leigh onto the bed, Leigh falling next to Heather and Marshal, face first. 

“We were undressing Leigh,” Suzy said reaching down to Leigh’s ankles and pulling her jeans off. “Besides, just look at that ass in those panties, and tell me it doesn’t make you want to spank it?”

As Suzy pulled Leigh’s pants off of her ankles. Heather reached up, and brought her hand down hard on Leigh’s ass. There was the sound of a slap that echoed throughout the room.

“Ow,” Leigh moaned through clenched teeth. “Do it again, but less hard. Damn girl.”

“I’ve seen the marks on your ass when we’ve been to the gym,” Heather said. “Don’t tell me that was too much.” 

“It’s not, when I’m ready, and warmed up, you have to start out slow.”

“Oh,” Heather said. “I’ve never done this, so … I guess I’m sorry.”, not sounding sorry at all.

Suzy moved Heather’s hand, and rubbed Leigh’s ass where Heather had slapped it. She bent down and gave it a gentle kiss, letting her lips linger for a moment.

“Let me show you,” Suzy said. “You should always warm up the body part that is going to be hit by giving it a long, slow rub, making it warm to the touch. I love to kiss my girls when I am getting ready to slap them, but you can do whatever makes sense to you.” Without turning her gaze away from Heather, she lifted her hand from where it had rubbed Leigh’s ass, only a few inches, and then opened her palm and fingers, and brought it back down. The slap was almost deafening to Heather as it hit Leigh’s ass, but Leigh only let out a soft moan this time. Marshal could see her eyes roll into the back of her head as she received the spanking. “Then you start with short slaps, open handed.” Suzy’s hand slipped around the slapped ass for a moment, and then slid under Leigh’s body to allow the tips of Suzy’s fingers to touch her panty clad pussy lips, and her clit for a second.

“OMG,” Heather said. “I’ve never done it, and I’ve never had it done to me.”

“Would you like to be next?” Suzy asked.

“You always say no when I ask,” Marshal said.

“YES!” Heather exclaimed immediately.

“Today really is the day of doing the exact opposite of what was expected,” Marshal said.

“Leigh,” Suzy said in a questioning tone, “are you ok for more down there?”

“Yesssssssss,” Leigh said, drawing out the word, half drunkenly.

Suzy slid her hand around to Leigh’s ass again, and started rubbing right next to where she had slapped before. There was a red handprint starting to form under her palm. She bent down and kissed on Leigh’s ass again. Once again, her hand went only a few inches into the air, and then back down in a deafening slap that echoed through the room once more. Leigh moaned a little louder this time, and pushed her head into the bedding. She looked up at Marshal’s face, but her eyes were in the back of her head as she did, her mouth open. She was silent, but her face said everything in its expression. 

Heather closed her eyes for a moment, she appeared to go into deep thought. When she opened them, she looked back over at Leigh’s ass, and the two red palm prints that were now next to each other. She saw how Suzy was massaging the area she struck, and mixing that with rubbing Leigh’s pussy from moment to moment.

Suzy lifted herself up, pressing her weight down into Leigh, leaned over and kissed Heather again. She pulled Heather off of the bed, and as the two of them stood face to face, lips locked onto each other, Suzy started to slip her fingers over Heather’s body, feeling each inch of her clothing, and gently took the cloth of her shirt to get it bunched up in her hand.

Marshal sat there and watched the show, watched his wife get kissed by a woman that he had known for years, and watched as Suzy’s fingers wrapped themselves up in the material of Heather’s shirt. Heather stood there and let it just happen to her, each movement from Suzy, each touch, just happened one, after another. He reached down into Leigh’s hair, and she kissed on the outside of his thigh, before getting up on her hands and knees, and crawled over onto Marshal, grabbing his hand, and sliding it down between her legs. He could feel how hot, and how wet, her panties now were. Leigh closed her eyes and kissed him. He kissed her, and with her hand on the back of his, he rubbed on her black, lace panties, feeling them get wetter with each stroke of his fingertips.

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