A Bet Lost – Part 5

A Bet Lost – Part 5

Heather rapped her knuckles on the bedroom door loudly. Marshal and Leigh both jumped as they looked over to her. The door was open and Heather stood watching the two of them, laser focused on Leigh’s hands, and their placement on her zipper. The smile she had, however, made everyone feel easy. Suzy stood behind her, trying to peek at Leigh’s jeans, licking her lips.

“I think,” Heather started “that before anyone gets naked in this house, us girls should have a brief chat.” She lifted her hand and motioned at Leigh to come out into the hallway.

Leigh looked down at Marshal, and slowly lifted the zipper of her jeans, her fingers slipping the button together unconsciously. She blew him a little kiss, and then lifted her leg over his chest. She barely lifted her foot high enough to clear it, and turned to walk away. He watched as she left the room, her hips swaying from side to side, and as she closed the door behind her, he sat up on his elbows and looked down at hmself.

“I guess I’ll make myself more comfortable,” Marshal said loud enough to be heard, doubtful that anyone heard him. He watched the door for another moment, listening as hard as he could, and finally decided to get up, and at least sit on the bed, to be slightly more comfortable. He then sat there for a couple of minutes, watching the door, anxious about the rest of the night.

“Don’t forget I’m in here,” Marshal finally said. He laid back onto the bed, and slipped his fingers under his breast, letting it glide over his skin, he could tell how soft, and how smooth it now was. He closed his eyes and stroked his nipple, pinching it as he did, finding the boundaries of what he liked. As he turned himself on, he found that he liked the pinching to be harder.

Marshal sat back up on the bed, and opened his eyes. He looked at the door, and could see that the light was still on in the hallway. The shadows of the girls were dark under the gap of the door, and he was pretty sure that he saw their feet.

“You know, I’m having a good time,” Marshal added, “just in case you were wondering.”

Marshal went back to stroking his chest, this time, with both hands. He thought about the weight of each tit, and how full it felt in each hand. With his thumb and forefinger, he would give each nipple a long, slow pinch, and stroke. Occasionally, he would close his eyes, as he could feel every nerve ending in his body lighting up. His cock would throb, and when it did, he would feel it in both nipples at the same time, causing him to become even more turned on. As he played with his nipples, he found himself breathing harder, to the point where he started to moan softly, his eyes now completely shut.

Heather quietly opened the door, closing it behind her, and walked across the room to the side of the bed. She didn’t make a sound, but her eyes did not avert their gaze from what she was watching.

“Let me lay you down on the bed,” Heather whispered into his ear, startling him. “You’ll find laying on your back to be much more comfortable.”

“OK,” Marshal responded, barely louder than a whisper himself. He looked around the room to see only Heather and himself.

Heather leaned him down onto his back, and then leaned into him to give him a long kiss. She spent several minutes with her lips locked to his. He slid his hand up and around the back of her head, pulling her, trying to slip his tongue deeper into her waiting lips. As they kissed, she went to her knee beside the bed, and allowed her hand to slip onto his stomach. She rubbed over his now smooth stomach, and then up his now hairless chest, until she had a hand cupping his tit. Their lips parted as she pulled her head back, and she licked her lips, looking at him with her eyes half closed.

“So,” Heather started. “I spoke to both Suzy and Leigh. Would you like to know what we decided to do?” She stared at Marshal, and watched as he opened his eyes. He was obviously deep in thought, and trying to figure out how to answer the question.

“Of course.”

“Did you like seeing Leigh topless?” Heather paused before continuing, “I always enjoy when she and I go to the gym, and she stands in the locker room topless, and has conversations with the other girls. I’ve never told her, but it kind of turns me on.” Heather moved her hand to Marshal’s cock, and gave it a firm grip through his jeans. “She obviously turned you on as well.”

“I loved seeing her topless. She has a great pair of tits, and now I know why you always come back from the gym so happy.”

Heather reached down to his jeans, and unbuttoned them for him. As the button let go, the zipper opened immediately, his boxers bulged. She then reached down, gripping the jeans by the waistband, and slid them down, so that they were around his knees. She stood up, and stood by his feet, gripping the cuff of both legs, and pulled them right off, lifting his legs into the air, and letting them rest on her shoulders. She reached down to Marshal’s hips, and with her shoulders, pushed his legs so that his ass came off the bed for a second, then she pulled his boxers all the way off of him in a single motion, allowing his ass to drop back onto the bed, while pushing his legs away from her to finish her move. As his ass hit the bed, his cock stood at a full erection, swinging back and forth from the movement of his body. She tossed his boxers onto the floor, and as they spun away from the bed, they landed perfectly laid out.

Heather moved away from the bed a little bit, and smiled down at her husband. Marshal watched her closely, his mind busy contemplating what she was thinking.

“Those are some beautiful tits that you have,” Heather finally said. “I had never imagined that the first pair of tits I would touch other than my own, would be on my husband.” Marshal opened his mouth, and Heather held up her hand, motioning him not to speak. “Seeing your cock hard, and ready tonight, after feeling your hairless chest, your hairless stomach, I have so many thoughts running through my head.”

“Baby, like you said, let’s worry about whatever tomorrow, for tonight, let’s have a good time, and whatever happens, happens.”

Heather twisted her fingers in her hair for a moment, staring at her husband. Her brown hair still had some blonde streaks in it from the last time that she had it done. Her eyes, and her smile were soft, and friendly, the face that he had looked at thousands of times over the years, and right now it had an extra warmth that he needed. The black Bengals t-shirt that she wore was tight on her chest, and loose the rest of the way down her stomach, it hung off of her in the shape of her chest. The blue jeans that she wore were his favorites, faded blue, with a lot of light patches, in a few spots, there were holes, with frayed patches around them, that showed off the milky white skin beneath them. She always wore a black leather belt with them.

Marshal slid his body down the bed a little toward the foot of the bed as Heather started to back away a little bit. He slipped his foot, and then his shin between her legs, and allowed his leg to slide up and down the inside of her thighs, he could feel the heat that her pussy had started to generate, and he now knew that she was as turned on as he was.

Heather slid her body up Marshal’s leg, until her thighs were on each side of his, squeezing tightly. She reached down, and gave his cock a long, slow stroke with her open hand, she barely allowed it to have any pressure.

“Are you looking for me to do something with this?”

Marshal smiled, nodded, and then enthusiastically pushed himself down the bed toward her a little more.

“Look at us,” Heather laughed. “We are very rude. I have a naked husband, laying in my bed. I have 2 half naked friends in the hallway, whose tits are getting cold since their bras and shirts are in here on the floor.” She paused for dramatic effect. “And here I am, all hot, and bothered, straddling my husbands thigh, while still fully clothed.”

Marshal’s jaw dropped open, and he tried to say something, but there were no words that came out of his mouth.

“I was originally coming in here to tell you the plan, but getting you naked seemed way more fun than being a Bond villain. I’m sure you are curious what the three of us came up with though.”

“Um,” Marshal stammered, “I’m very, very curious.”

“Too bad,” Heather teased. “You’re going to sleep well tonight, but you’re going to have to just enjoy it all as it happens.” She reached down to Marshal’s tits, “let’s just say that these will be sore by the end of the night.” She slid her hand down his stomach, and rested it on his cock. “He probably will be too.”

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