A Bet Lost – Part 3

A Bet Lost – Part 3

Heather looked at her friend, and then attempted to figure out what to do next.

“Alright,” Heather said calmly, “there is only a little bit of time left in the game, put the bra back on. When the game is over, we’ll get everyone out of here and try to figure out what is going on.”

“Um,” Marshal started. “Should I really put the bra back on?”

“Without it you are going to be really pokie out there,” Jen said.

“If guys hugged when they parted, it would be really noticeable,” Leigh said. “But like Jen said, you should put it back on, they will be a lot more compressed and much less noticeable.”

“I really do think you should put the bra back on hun,” Heather said calmly. “Every girl goes through that stage where her tits are small but noticeable, it usually just happens over months, not hours.”

“Can I stay?” Leigh asked. The confused looks around the room prompted her to continue. “When everyone else leaves.”

“Sure,” Marshal said, “another set of ears, or eyes, or something can’t possibly hurt.”

“What about me?” Jen said.

“I don’t want Rob to see me like this,” Marshal said.

“He would probably like it,” Jen said trying not to laugh. “He has a thing for shemale porn.”

“Please no, and please don’t tell him what is going on.”

“Fine,” Jen’s voice deepened with disappointment.

The rest of the game went by, Marshal sat in the living room, watching the game, but extremely quiet in comparison to how loud he normally was on game day. There was some teasing from the men about how quiet he now was; he mostly just ignored them. The ladies all huddled together in the kitchen. Everytime he looked in the kitchen, he knew they were talking about him. He wanted to shrivel up.

“If he grows a nicer pair of boobs than I have, I’ll have to leave him,” Heather said to the small group. She had started to come to terms with what was happening, and anytime that she closed her eyes, she saw the breasts that Marshal had shown them ago, and really just wanted to get him into their room later, touch them, play with them, and eventually have him in the way that she loved having him.

“I’ll stay,” Suzy said. “I’ve always wanted in his shirt, and I do have some medical training, I might be able to help…” She stopped her sentence short, her face twisted. “I’m not sure what I’ll be able to help, but…” She turned red.

“Holy shit! I can’t believe they lost again,” Rob screamed at the tv. “Do you think the Bengals will win a single game this year?”

Joe and Dean loudly agreed with Rob, and Marshal attempted to agree with the group, but his voice was quiet. There was more of a mess left behind than when the game started, but Marshal did his best to push everyone out. Heather was standing around, and started to clean behind each person as they started their way out the door.

Joe and Dean started out the door first.

“Next weekend bud?” Joe asked to Marshal, “I believe it’s my turn to host.”

“Sure thing,” Marshal responded half-heartedly.

Rob and Jen left shortly after that, Jen hugging Heather while Marshal shook Rob’s hand, wishing them a safe trip home. Jen whispered something into Heather’s ear, and she laughed. Jen then reached over and hugged Marshal.

“I hope you have some fun with those tonight,” Jen whispered into Marshal’s ear. “I wish I was staying, I bet they are fun to play with.” Marshal finally gave a little smile, and wished her a great evening, and a safe ride home.

Suzy stood at the doorway, and as Rob and Jen pulled away, she turned back into the house to join Leigh and Heather.

“So,” Marshal finally asked. “Do I get to have an audience as we try to figure this out?” The three girls nodded in unison. “Where do we start?”

Suzy put her fingers on her chin, “Take off your shirt, and the bra. Let’s take a closer look.” Marshal pulled his shirt up, and Suzy now seeing the bra for the first time, was completely in shock at what she was seeing.

“They are perfect!” Suzy said without thinking.

A couple of uncomfortable seconds passed, and Suzy realized what she had said, and how it might have come across.

“It’s probably not what you want to hear, but you had to have that bra fitted for those, it’s the only way it makes sense.”

“This morning, when I put the bra on, I had chest hair, and…” Marshal looked down, “hair on my stomach. The bra itself was loose fitting, at least in the cups. Now it looks like it fits perfectly.” His voice was becoming weak, each of the girls gave him a concerned smile.

“Take the bra off,” Suzy finally said. “Let’s take a look at what is going on.”

Marshal complied slowly. He fumbled with the clasp, thinking that this was much easier to undo on someone else than himself. The sensation of a chest now even more obvious to him as the cloth slid over his nipples, hardening them instantly. The ceiling fan blew down, he could feel the sensitivity in ways he could never have imagined. A soft moan left his lips. He closed his eyes, and he just kept them closed for a minute, then entire time biting on his lower lip.

Heather finally reached up with her hand and touched his left breast, giving it a firm press and the skin indented below her finger tip. She slid her finger over to the outside edge, and then along the outline until her finger was under it, and then she lifted softly, feeling the weight, and the firmness. Suzy put her hand on his right breast. She squeezed it, and reached up and grab her own tit with her other hand, giving it a firm squeeze.

“It definitely feels like a real, natural tit to me,” Suzy finally said.

“Thanks, not a lot of help. Do you have any better ideas?” Heather asked of Suzy.

“Well, we can play with it, see how real it feels to Marshal.”

“What?” Marshal said at the idea.

Heather’s hand flipped over, and she held her palm up, pushing it over her husband’s chest a little further. She let her palm rest over the top of his nipple, admiring how hard the nipple pressed into her hand.

“When my nipples are this hard,” Heather started. “You always want to play with them.” She pulled her hand down a little so that her fingers slid down directly on the tip of the nipple, and Marshal’s knees almost gave out from the sensation he was feeling. “We might as well have some fun with you while we have you here.”

“We?” Leigh asked.

“My husband has tits, I think that makes him free game for anyone in this room.”

“You think that what I want right now is three women to …” Marshal said. “To… I’m not even sure what.”

It was quickly obvious that his question wasn’t really heard. Suzy pinched the nipple that she had previously been caressing between her thumb and forefinger. He moaned, closing his eyes again. She bent down and kissed on his cleavage, letting her chin slide against his hairless, smooth skin. She then opened her mouth, and slipped her lips over the tip of his nipple, sucking it in, slipping her tongue along the tip for a long lick.

“Fuck,” Marshal moaned.

Leigh slipped up behind Marshal, and placed her lips on his back, right on the nape of his neck. She gave it a slow kiss, and then slid her hands onto his waist, feeling the top of his jeans, and letting her fingertips run along the waistline. As she kissed his back, he could feel the cloth of her shirt against his back, and the tickling sensation started to make his nipples throb. He felt the softness of her lips on his neck, and his knees were ready to give out from under him.

“OMG,” Marshal said out loud. “This is the craziest feeling I’ve ever …”

Heather bit down onto Marshal’s nipple before he could finish the sentence.

“Ouch,” Marshal reacted. “Don’t,” he paused. “Wait, do it again, softer.” His throbbing nipple felt good in the warmth of Heather’s mouth. As she did it again, he grimaced, and then his mouth opened, and a long, slow sound escaped, between a moan and a wail. He put a hand into her hair and pulled her head in harder, the heat of a mouth on each nipple, and different levels of nibbles happening between the two of them. She reached down and slid her other hand over his cock, not sure what she would find, she was happy to find that it was as hard and long as it had ever been.

As Marshal slid his hand through Heather’s hair, Suzy backed away. Leigh quickly filled in for her, and he put his free hand into Leigh’s hair, pulling her head down on his nipple now. The sensation of Heather and Leigh both sucking on a nipple each was driving him absolutely crazy. Over their heads, he watched Suzy take off her shirt, and then throw her bra on the bed behind them. Her double D’s were so large, much larger than Heather’s, or his, but he wanted them.

Leigh looked at the bra that was splayed out on the bed. “Can I try something?”

“Of course,” Heather said. Marshal was now off into his own little world, new feelings overwhelming him, the sensations he had always wondered about, but had never been able to have before.

Leigh grabbed Suzy’s bra from the bed, and lifted it up, holding it against Marshal’s chest.

“I wonder if we can make them grow bigger.” Leigh said.

“Um…,” Marshal’s voice was shaky. “I want and don’t want that.”

“Now you sound like every woman about her breasts,” Heather said with a smile.

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