A Bet Lost – Part 2

A Bet Lost – Part 2

The next couple of hours were a lot of bra jokes, snapping the bra straps on his back. On one trip into the bedroom, Marshal took a quick look at himself in the full sized mirror, and would have sworn that his chest filled the bra better than it did this morning. He jockeyed his eyebrows from side to side, trying to decide if his mind was playing tricks on him. Maybe he just had too much bacon. About 45 minutes before the game started he found a shirt to put on, found his pants and put those on, and then got ready to invite his friends into his house.

Rob and Jen showed up 30 minutes early, as they do every time they come over. She had an obsession with being early to everything at all times and he always did anything for her, he was completely obsessed with everything about her. Heather always laughed about it being that he was 10 years her senior.  You’d never think he’d be as whipped as he was. The four of them talked for awhile, and not too much later , Joe showed up, followed by Leigh, and Dean. Suzy, as always, was a good 20 minutes late, showing up halfway through the first quarter.

Marshal watched all of the friends, especially the ladies, looking to see if anyone was watching him extra closely. He had attempted to pump more information from Heather earlier, but she just teased him, reminding him that she knew something he didn’t.

“What’s wrong with you Marshal?” Dean asked. “You’ve been acting a little weird all day.”

“Actually,” Leigh said. “He’s always been kind of strange.”

Suzy stared at Marshal for a minute after those comments. “You have been a little weird today, even more so than normal.”

“Well, weird is relative,” Heather quipped.

“His weird is awesome,” Jen said, shoving popcorn into her mouth at the last word. She then looked up at Marshal as well.

“OK, fine, I’m weird.” Marshal smiled.

Rob asked, “Dude? Did you start working out? Your pecs look bigger today.  You should share your workout strategy”

“Ha! He doesn’t even know where a gym is.” Heather couldn’t help but to answer for Marshal. He flipped her off, put his hand down, then raising it quickly, flipped her off again.

“Just doing some sit-ups and pushups,” Marshal emphatically said. He looked down and he thought his chest was bigger too. He tried to flex his pecs, he felt his nipples rub against the cups of the bra, smiling at the strange sensation he now felt, much more sensitive than normal, and just thought of it as one more strange occurrence today.

The friendly teasing  went on for both of the first two quarters about how weird Marshal was. That was not an uncommon occurrence and he smiled and joked with the group. At one point, Leigh came over and rubbed her hand down his arm, Heather came up on the other side of him, and rubbed her hand down his other arm. He grinned. Heather smiled back at him.

The half-time show came on, and everyone spent a few minutes getting refreshing their beers and snacks. Marshal disappeared into the master bedroom. As he was washing his hands, he looked at himself in the mirror, and noticed that his chest looked much bigger than it was this morning. He lifted his shirt, and his chest no longer had any hair, and appeared to definitely be filling the bra the way he had seen on so many small chested women.

Heather came over and sat next to Marshal on the couch. She rubbed her hand on his chest, and gave him a quizzical look, leaning up, and whispering into his ear. “Why does your chest feel so much bigger?”

“I don’t know,” Marshal whispered back. “But that felt good in ways I’ve never imagined before.”

“No secrets,” Joe said loudly. “What are you two whispering about?”

“I was telling Marshal that his chest felt so much bigger,” Heather said in response. “I want to play with his man boobs.” The last sentence said as a laugh.

“Can I play with his man boobs?” Suzy asked. “I’ve always wanted to play with a set of boobs, man or otherwise.”

“Don’t you have a pair of your own?” Rob asked. Jen hit him with a fake little slap across the face.

“You can come play with mine if you want,” Jen said. “I’ll make Rob watch.”

Suzy laughed with that thought in her head.

Leigh chimed in from the kitchen, “Who is pulling out their boobs?”

“Apparently Suzy is going to take over playing with Marshal’s from Heather, and Jen is going to just throw hers out there for Suzy to play with in her other hand.” Dean recapped, every word with a laugh.

“You go get a coke and everyone starts talking about getting naked,” Leigh said. “I bet Marshal has a nice little pair of man boobs under that shirt.” Marshal blushed, and then the thought of the bra that he was wearing entered back into his mind, cheeks become a dark shade of red.

Heather got up from the couch, laughing as she walked into the kitchen to grab another beer. Suzy got up and followed her, Leigh followed her as well, all of the women now in the kitchen, questions about if any of the men need a beer, and all of them saying yes, and putting in orders.

Marshal got up and went into the master bath again in his room. He touched his chest and couldn’t believe how sensitive it had become. He felt his nipple and it was hard in a way he had never felt before, super sensitive, and it made his whole body twinge. When he finished peeing, he looked at himself in the mirror while washing his hands, and he could see that his chest was now filling out much differently than it had before. He lifted his shirt, and could see the bra was now full, exactly as he had seen in Heather’s catalogs for how a bra should look on a woman.

Marshal’s mouth dropped at what he saw when he lifted his shirt. Often he glanced at Heather’s clothing catalogs, commenting how the girls don’t have their boobs spilling over the top of their bras, especially in the smaller cup sizes. She would just keep telling him that only happens in porn, women looking for a bra that is the right size should have it fit like they are showing in that catalog. His chest now fit the bra as if it had been sized perfectly to fit his body.

In the mirror, Marshal stood, staring at himself for, to him, an eternity. It was long enough for Heather to come in, and when he heard her, he immediately dropped his shirt back down, not sure who might have come in to check on him. As he looked at her, he slowly lifted his shirt back up, and she smiled; she expected to see a bra, hanging loosely on him, and make herself smile, but instead, as he uncovered his chest she saw a perfectly formed pair of tits, cup size A, filling the bra that he was wearing. Her jaw dropped at the sight.

“What the fuck!!!” Heather screamed at the top of her voice. Leigh came running in, quickly followed by Jen, neither really sure what was happening in the master bedroom. As Jen saw Marshal, she quickly closed the door, throwing the lock.

“What the hell is going on here?” Leigh asked.

“Obviously, Marshal grew a pair of tits,” Jen said.

“When?” Heather asked, a slight pause. “How?” The words were escaping her, and she didn’t know how to process what she was seeing.

“I don’t know,” was all Marshal could muster. “I don’t know.”

“Then why do you have the bra on?” Jen questioned.

“It was a bet that Heather and I made,” Marshal answered. “She bet that the Bengals would lose last week, and they did. For losing, I had to wear a bra today during the game.”

“But why do you have tits?” asked Leigh.

“I don’t know.”

A long silence fell on the room. Rob knocked on the door a couple of times, “Is everything ok in there?”

“Yeah, everything is fine,” Jen responded loudly. “We’ll be out in a couple of minutes.”


Cheering came up from the crowd in the living room, and screams of the Bengals scoring came through the door.

“So…” Leigh finally broke the silence as the four of them stared at Marshal. “Can I…” she trailed off. “Can I see them?”

Marshal lifted the bra up, and let his little titties poke out. For the first time, in front of the ladies, he saw his breasts, small, and perky, in front of him. From his view in the mirror, he was able to see that there was not a hair left on his chest and his areolas were now very large, and very pink, a little larger than a silver dollar, vs the very small man areolas he had his whole life. His nipples were hard, and they were long; both nipples pointed straight back at him from the mirror. Heather just stared; Leigh licked her lips; Jen’s lips spread, opened a little, and it was clear that thoughts were going through her head.

“What do I do?” Marshal asked the crowd.

“Put on a bigger bra?” Jen said with a giggle.

“Have you been taking hormones?” Leigh’s voice was quiet, barely above a whisper, but more than loud enough to be heard in the room by all of them.

“No. No. I had a hairy chest this morning, and I haven’t shaved it or anything. Hell, even my stomach has less hair on it now, and it seems to be traveling …” Marshal trailed off. He turned away from the ladies, and slid his hand down into his pants, and sighed. “Thank goodness, my cock and balls are still there.”

“Prove it.”

“Jen!” Heather snapped.

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